Friday, December 9, 2011

Surgery for Memphis

Last Thursday Memphis had a routine ct scan done. We had almost made it home when her neuro surgeons office called to tell us to come to his office to discuss Memphis' ct scan. We felt at this point that things had likely changed. When we got to his office and talked to him he told us that the fluid in her brain/hydrocephalus had increased and that the anuryism/VOGM looked larger as well. He said he had called and talked to Dr. B. in New York, and that he knew about the changes.. That we would be getting a call from him soon. The next day when Dr. B. Called he said since things have changed he thinks we need to intervene now. The good news is she has no outward signs in the way she looks and acts that anything is wrong. We need to start surgery now to keep her that way because if we didn't problems would eventually start. We are in the hospital right now it's been one week since we got the call telling us she needs surgery. Dr. B. has been awesome he actually wasn't suppose to be in today but said he was willing to make time and fly in to do her surgery. We're praying everything goes perfect today and asking that God will guide the drs through out the surgery and watch over our precious baby. We're hoping that doing surgery for the anuryism also helps the fluid resolve.. if it doesn't she could need another surgery done soon in Alabama for the fluid we'd likely do a procedure called a third ventriculostomy instead of a shunt. All that will please pray for Memphis today, and for strength for us. If you are interested in updates on Memphis you can find her page on Facebook.. Just search for Memphis Isabella Myhre.. And like the page to receive all up dates. Take care my friends.


  1. lots of prayers for you and your family during this time

  2. Oh my goodness sweet friend, you have so much going on right now..know that your precious baby girl is in my constant prayers right now. Please let us know when you can how everything went. ((HUGS))

  3. I've been following Memphis on FB and I'm so glad things went well! I hope you all are home safe and sound and the holidays are wonderful!