Thursday, August 4, 2011

39 weeks & 1 day

Well I went to my dr appt at 1pm today, and all went pretty good. I'm super excited that the dr was on the same page with me as far as inducing! They sent me straight over to the hospital:)

I'm settled now in L&D, they broke my water, now just waiting on the "pit" to move things I'm sure after they give me that I'll be asking for an epidural not long afterwards. I'm at 3 to 4cm right now.

Just wanted to update y'all before pain kicks Hoping this goes fast and smooth! Yay! We're having a baby! Again! Feels almost like a dream still.
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  1. Yay!!!!! Have a wonderful delivery!!! Can't wait to see the pics!!!

  2. So exciting! Hoping and praying for a quick labour and delivery so you can hold your little miracle soon!!

  3. yeah how exciting! Cant wait to hear that she has arrived!