Thursday, July 28, 2011

A "scare" at 36 weeks 5 days


This was over a week ago on a Monday night. Me and My husband had already put Dassah down for the night. We were both feeling a little SO.. of course that lead to sex:D The problem came into play during sex. I suddenly felt Extremely Wet, and shortly after that hubby rather urgently said- HONEY YOUR BLEEDING:O! No Lie y'all this was A HUGE amount of Bright Red Blood on the mattress. NOT NORMAL to see when Pregnant. It reminded me of if I had just had a baby... kind of blood loss!

I immediately knew we needed to get to the Hospital ASAP! Thankfully I thought to tell dh to call someone to come over from my aunts house to stay with Dassah. (she lives next door.. Thank God) My aunt and cousin came running from their yard into ours in a flash! And we thankfully didn't have to worry about dassah at that point, she was in good hands.

The ride to the hospital was scary. My worst thoughts were- Did my placenta separate from the wall somewhere? OR the WORSE CASE in my mind at the time.. Dear Lord Please don't let it be that my placenta ruptured and I've already lost my baby. I didn't dwell on that last thought BUT yes it did pop into my mind.

When we go to the hospital they got us back there pretty quick. And Put me on a monitor... BABY GIRLS HEART BEAT WAS PERFECT:D And Guess what??? Nothing Wrong with baby or my uterus/placenta ex. However to My Surprise I was contracting and didn't know Felt like period type cramps from the bleeding to me. They Also informed me that I had Obviously Very Suddenly Dilated, and that Plus the intercourse had led to the bleeding. I basically went from Nothing to 3cm dilated and 50% effaced!

My contractions were coming steadily all night long. SO I stayed in L&D. They acted like I was going to have Her that NIGHT! I so wasn't ready... I didn't even have my camera. And Both our phone charges got left at the house:( To make a long story short I didn't dilate anymore, and they didn't want to give me anything that next morning to induce stronger contractions sicne I wasn't even 37 weeks quite yet. So I spent 1 more day in observation. And Got sent home with the instructions of pelvic rest and no sexual activity.

Since then no more bleeding and everything is normal with me. So YES we had a BIG SCARE with the Bleeding. But everything is fine. My only issue at this point is... That I won't know if I'm in labor since I didn't know I was contracting that night. And Scared that when I finally realize that I am in labor that I won't make it to the hospital that is 45 min away! SO as much as I never wanted my water to break at home with my 1st... IF I was to go into labor before we induce.. I really hope my water breaks SO I'll know for sure to head to the hospital ASAP! lol

I have a check up tomorrow. But not going to get my hopes up too high for more progress. But it wouldn't hurt my feelings at this point (As long as baby's lungs were ready) if I were to have her So We'll see.. either way NOT MUCH LONGER! And very thankful that OUR SCARE turned out OK:)

Going to bed now... up too late blogging. Hope I don't regret it tomorrow morning!
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  1. Yikes! How scary, but I am glad that everything is ok!

  2. Wow so scary. I am pleased you both are still doing well. Cant believe how close you are now!

  3. Yowzers! That would be scary...I'm glad it was okay though! I'm sure you'll know when you go into labour...but I'll still hope that you make it in time to the hospital!!