Thursday, July 28, 2011

38 weeks and still counting...

Well this is WAY PAST DUE once But here goes. I'll try to fill everyone in a bit on a few things that has went on so far with this pregnancy.

If you remember at my Fetal Anatomy Scan.. it showed that 1 of baby's lateral/back ventricles on her brain was measuring a little bigger than then other. I went for my 1st High Risk Scan. And everything looked Great. Both lateral verticals were measuring 8ish mm. (anything below 1o is normal) So High Risk Dr. wanted to look again in about 6 weeks just to check on everything.
So I think that's what I last posted about concerning that.

On my 2nd high risk US... Both Ventricles had grown to a 10mm. So of course the Dr. wanted to see me again in 4 weeks to see if the continued to progress in growth. I went to my 3rd US and Thank God No More Growth! Both sides were still measuring the same in the 10ish mm range. So Dr said she'd see me one more time 4 weeks later on July 15th. At my 4th appt the Lateral ventricles still looked the same. (on the prominent side) Large end of normal. However the "3rd ventricle" showed up measuring at 10 mm, and we hadn't seen that before then. Basically All this Could Mean Nothing AT ALL.. Or be some.. Mild Ventriculomegaly.. in that case children usually see no side effects or have some mild developmental delays (most catch up in time from what I've read). OR the scary "bit" There could be something that we are not seeing on US right now, that we might not would be able to see until after she's born. SO with all that in mind we decided to Deliver at That Hospital. Its the Best Place for our baby if she were to have ANYTHING pop up after she's born. From as mild as some slight breathing issues to the extreme of an infant Nero Surgeon being called in. Don't let me scare you with all this... There likely isn't.. Anything Wrong. But I'll definitely feel better knowing we are where we should be (hospital wise) if the baby needs anything after she is born. BUT On a GOOD NOTE both of my Dr's I've been seeing this far think its most likely nothing:)

Ok So Since that last high risk US... The Dr. said that I can just continue to go to my check ups with my regular OB. (since its closer) And Scheduled an appt on AUG. 4th at the High risk clinic. Dr also said to bring my hospital bag that day because they could possibly induce that day. But regardless if not they would schedule induction within the next few days. I'll be over 39 week then. ( IF I EVEN MAKE IT TILL THEN) lol

SO INFO OVER LOAD.. I KNOW:/ Hope I haven't confused you too much. Only our family's know about this concerning the baby. We only told Dh's side about 2 months ago. Because Didn't won't to worry anyone.. Plus As I've said there's Just NO WAY we can tell anything at this point until after she's born. And don't want to have to explain to EVERYONE... when don't know what it means.. or if it means anything at all:P

My head can't take I will say that having Dassah probably has helped me not to get consumed in worry over this. She needs me, and fills up my day. I can only imagine how I would've dealt with this if it were my 1st baby and I had nothing to focus on. We're still Believing that everything will be OK no matter what happens. Please Continue to keep this Precious little baby in your Prayers! It means allot.

Alright I have another post lingering in my head... but I think I should separate it from this

Take Care My Bloggy Friends.. I may not post much, but I'm reading your blogs most every day:)

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  1. Pleased the ventricles stopped growing. I really hope that it all means nothing!!

  2. I'll keep your growing family in my prayers. I hope it is nothing and that you get to hold your precious baby girl in your arms soon enough!!