Friday, July 29, 2011

38 week check up

Well at my check up I found out that I was still 3 cm dilated, but have made a little progress from being 50% effaced to 75%:) Hoping that will be my last Appt with that Dr. until our newest baby arrives!lol

I'm still contracting obviously, and half the time not noticing or realizing it. I also have been having a weekly NST(none stress test). That is just where they monitor your baby's heart rate, and picks up any contractions you maybe having. And yep.. I had plenty of contractions show up today.

My Next appt. I have coming up is with my High Risk Dr., and it's on Thursday next week.. August 4th! I'll have my hospital bag in the car since she told me to bring it.. Just in case. And I plan on asking her to try to get me in to be induced that day or the next which will be a Friday. I'll be in the 39th week by then. And she told me she'd give me an induction date sometime with in 39 weeks at that appt. It'll just work out better for us if we can go ahead and do it that weekend as far as Dh's job goes with work and such.

Or guess this little girl could come before then?! Who knows.. We will see:D My sweet Dassah is actually spending the night with her Nana (my mama) tonight. So I better get off of here and get rested up while I can! Although if you knew me in real life.. you'd know I'll be eager to see her in morning.haha Can't help but miss her!

Good Night to you all!

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  1. This is getting exciting. I hope she comes soon :) Enjoy the contractions (as best you can)

  2. Not long now!!! Very excited!