Wednesday, April 6, 2011

22 weeks:)

Hi all! I just lost 2 post I tried to write so I'll try to keep it simple and give you all an update. I'm 22 weeks today.. YAY!
Most recent belly pic a 21 weeks 2 days (gonna be huge this

We had our High Risk Us Yesterday, and I'm happy to inform you all that it went Great! Baby was very entertaining and would not be still! 1st the nurse did the US by herself and explained everything she was measuring and looking at in the body. Before she was through she told us that she didn't see anything wrong and that the brain was measuring normal. (I LOVE NICE NURSES!! Don't You?) I know she didn't have to say anything:) After she was done though I had to wait on the table for the Dr. to come back in with the nurse and basically look at everything in the body all over again. The Dr. was laughing allot because our little girl wouldn't be still and stop kicking the The Dr. also told us everything was measuring normal and looked good. Both sides of baby's brain was measuring 8ish. (anything under 10 is considered normal) She didn't see any fluid on one side which is why they sent me there. So I'll go back in 6 weeks to do it all again to see if everything still looks good. And then go from there. I fully expected to come back because my Ob let me know that she's never known them not to want you to come back at least 1 to 2 more times just to keep an eye on things even if everything looks great. WE got A few Pics of our girl.. she would refused to show her face looking straight at us but we got a few really good profile pics:) She's still a Girl:) was glad we got to confirm this again. Beautiful little profile!

We can't wait to meet her:)

I'll leave y'all with this before I lose my Post again:/ lol

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  1. so glad to hear that things are going so well and you have another little princess!

  2. So glad everything went great! Such a cute baby bump!!

  3. Glad of everything turned out perfectly! What a great profile view of your girl! :)

  4. I'm 22 weeks today exactly as well :)

    I think this is a GORGEOUS profile pic!

  5. I am so pleased! I have been thinking of you guys and wondering how little girl has been doing.
    Great news!!

  6. What a great report! Yay! Love the perfect profile pic! :)