Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Its been a while..

Time has gotten away from me once again. So its past time for a blog update;) sorry for such a long post! its like 3 post in 1:/ forgive me.

We got a call at *2am* on January 31st that my sister was in Labor and that her water had just broke. She never dilated past 1cm, so she had a c-section. And it was a *GIRL*!
Miss "Horizon" Kelly Kirksey was born 1-31-11, at 5:30pm, weighed 6lbs 10oz, and was 21" long:D She has a Full head of thick black hair and is just Gorgeous! We are so happy for my sister and her husband!

My big girl is almost 9 months old:*) Here is an pic of here at 8 months. She weighs 21lbs Girl still likes to eat, and is still addicted to her bottle. Refuses to drink from a sippy cup:p Little stinker.

She is very much still a Baby in many ways- she refuses to hold her bottle, hates to be on her tummy (which has made crawling impossible right now, because she doesn't have some muscle strength that babies develop when on their tummy's.) And over all doesn't have the "want to" to do allot of things. I'm hoping that she is like a few other children in my family, and will catch up when shes ready. She is a very, very bright little girl, but as her mommy I worry sometimes of course. I don't want her to have to struggle in life to learn things.

The worry maybe worse for me, since I have watched my little Brother struggle because of Dyslexia and ADD. He has a strong case of both. So Both things together make it very hard to learn things. He is very bright also and has an above average IQ. He Just happens to learn different than others.

Over all I need to stop worrying, and just work a little more with Dassah on some things. (and if in the future there is an issue we'll deal with it) Everything will be fine. Guess I needed to blog a bit about it, feels good to get it off my chest. Its not the end of the world.

Before I forget she also will be needing glasses in the future. Her eyes want to cross because shes far sided. So she's straining to see things up close. Glasses will fix this:) her next eye Dr appt is in 2 months. It's not going to be easy at first getting her to wear glasses, but it'll be worth it cause we all can tell she can't focus on things up close allot of the time because of her eye sight pour thing.

She says "dada" now and its super sweet of course. She makes us laugh every day with her funny and sweet little personality. She loves going outside for strolls and still loves to watch her favorite show.(from good distance from tv of course so she doesn't strain her eyes as much) She's a happy baby, and that of course makes us happy as well! We both are on antibiotics for sinus infection, both our throats look awful too. So hopefully we'll get to feeling better soon!

And last but not least! I'm 17 weeks today:) Time is Flying by!!! Yesterday I went in for my monthly check up, Dr couldn't find the heartbeat on the Doppler, so I got to see the baby on ultra sound! (note: that I wasn't very worried when she couldn't find the heartbeat, I have been feeling this little one move for weeks) Its hard to find the HB at home on Doppler as well because this little bugger won't be still!lol I did start to feel a bit of concern and anxiety after having to wait for several min. for an ultra sound. As soon as the Tech started the US we saw the perfect little heartbeat at 155 bpm. S/he was moving and touching their little face. SO Precious! Was bumbed that baby wasn't in the position to see the It was a quick little us. But I go back in just 2 weeks for my 19week scan:) And baby better cooperate and show us what it is;) Or else I'll go crazy! I'm ready to find out now!


little hand on sweet little alien face:)
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  1. Your little girl is beautiful! Oh those big blue eyes are going to break hearts one day!

  2. So good to hear from you. Pleased all is well.
    Not long to find out the sex, can wait to hear!!
    Congrats to your sister
    Take Care
    Nic x