Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quick update.

Last time I posted I was getting ready for my next US appt at my RE's office. Everything went and looked great:D They Released me to my OB of course. And on my way I

You can already tell where his/her little arms and legs are starting to form:)

This was on Dec 23rd, 2010. Baby was measuring 7 weeks 1 day. And his or her heartbeat was already at 139 bpm! So a really strong heartbeat already, and it was amazing to hear it too of course. About 5 days later I had an appt with my OB, me and dh sat down and talked with her. She's already on board with inducing because of the drive from our house which is great. (Note: I will probably induce only 5 or 6 days before the due date. I want my baby to be healthy and fully developed!) I did this with my 1st and all in all it went good. Other than my epidural not working:/ And the drug they give to induce can and will make your contractions erratic and all over the place. I think I was in labor only 6 hrs before DD was born so that's not bad, and I'm Praying everything will go smoothly this time also! I also left there with a prescription for "Zofran" for my terrible nausea. This works really well and does not make me sleepy like "phenergan" does. I used this with my 1st, it helps allot! Would recommend it to anyone.

I'm 10 weeks today, and my next appt is Jan 27th. Praying for a smooth and healthy pregnancy.
I have put up a voting poll to guess the gender of this baby. Its on the side bar. Please vote! Its fun to see what everyone guesses:)

Tomorrow I will take an IntelliGender test! I did this with my 1st and it was correct. So that'll be fun! I'll have to post pics of the test this time. lol

Take Care Everyone!

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  1. Thank you for all of your comment on my blog. :) I am glad that your RE released you to an OB. I am glad that your OB is onboard for an induction. If I do get pregnant again, I will probably schedule a c-section right around my due date or maybe 5-6 days before. :) We will see what happens. I am so excited for you and am excited to follow you through your second miracle pregnancy. :)

  2. I am so pleased that all is well!!
    Hope you start to feel better and the sickness goes.
    Nic x