Tuesday, December 7, 2010


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Went in for my blood test today. Everything went fast I stopped and chatted with a few nurses.. of course they all had heard about the positive test.lol The nurse taking my blood said that not that long ago a lady was preparing for their IVF cycle and also got pregnant naturally.

I wasn't too nervous this time waiting for the call like I was last time. I just felt that this is meant to be, and that its all going to work out. (although just a little worry does try to creep in here and there)

My numbers & progesterone both came back good and high. And my Ultra Sound is scheduled on Dec 14th. Tuesday/next week. We should be able to see a heartbeat, and praying with all my heart that we do! I should be close to 7 weeks then. I'm so Overwhelmed with Joy!

Praying for all those still ttc right now, and that all of you get your BFP's soon... through treatment or an unexpected natural pregnancy.

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  1. Congratulations, hon! What a great blessing a miracle! I'm SO happy for you.

  2. That is so great! Congrats!!!

  3. What an early Christmas present!!! Congratulations :-).

  4. Congrats, Hannah! And thanks for the support on my blog. I hope we can be pregnant together!

  5. OMG OMG!!!! I get back from New York and find out this amazing news!! I am so so pleased for you. Such a great amazing early christmas present!
    Cant wait to hear how the scan goes.

  6. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Congrats honey!!!!!


  7. No way!!! I have missed so much. Congrats...what a wonderful blessing. It was so nice reading your news today...how about that...a natural BFP!!!! So happy for you all...and sorry it took me so long to post.

  8. Yay for great betas and progesterone levels! Woohoo!