Monday, December 6, 2010

is this really happening???

On my last post I talked about being on CD 35, and calling my nurse to make sure it wasn't a problem that I hadn't started yet. (in early process of getting ready for FET in Jan) Anyway she asked me if I took a pregnancy test I said NO as you already know if you read my last post. I thought I'd start over the weekend no big deal.

Well today since I woke up I have felt very nauseous off and on all day. And thought to myself- OH NO!!! I might have a stomach virus. Around 7pm Dh went to town and I asked him to go ahead and stock up on HPT's for our upcoming FET, and if AF don't come by the Friday I know my clinic will want me to at least check if I am preg. He gladly got When he walked in the door with them though he said- why don't you go take one now. I said- Umm I'd rather not I don't really get along with those test. And besides I don't have to pee right now.

We watched a movie and Dh went to bed straight after that. I however did have to go then and thought to myself- I guess I will POAS what can it hurt. And so I did and glanced at it after just 2 min. and saw a 2nd line. SHOCK!!!! Immediately go get dh out of the bed, and he followes me to the bathroom. By this point the test was still fresh and it was only 3 1/2 min post He was shocked too, of course and we didn't know what to think about it. I mean clear as day there was a 2nd line. But we're both infertile. This could be a faults positive. Could I some how still be carrying HCG in my urine since June? all these things were running through my head. And the though that we possibly could have a miracle pregnancy. But still in denial if it is.

BFP 12-5-10 @ 10pm

So after all that I emailed my sister about it all. And then went to bed, but never feel asleep because I felt extremely uncomfortable and nauseous after not sleeping for hrs I got up at 1:45am and threw up a ton and it hurt so bad. After this I was in less denial. I have felt this before I had morning sickness the whole 9 months with my 1st. I then tried to go back to sleep but still felt sickly. Dh suggested to go eat a few crackers. So I did, but since I had to pee again POAS I did again.

BFP 12-6-10 @ 2am

And here it is again 2nd line. Will be testing again around 7am to 9am. And calling my clinic to ask what they think, and ask for a BETA of course. This isn't suppose to be able to happen medically

I hope you are getting some wonderful sleep. I need sleep too. Praying I can get a few hrs before Dassah wakes up.

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  1. Oh, yay, congrats to you!!!That is so exciting. The same thing happened to me 8 months after having our twins. Surprise miracle baby boy.....and it was free...unlike the Wishing you an uneventful 9 months.

  2. OMG congrats!!! I am so excited for you! Couldnt have happened to a better person!

  3. oh happy POAS day!!! congrats, there really has been some great news happening around there these days!!! yeahhh for your miracle!

  4. Hi Hannah! I haven't commented before, but OMG congrats! Hopefully it is a miracle baby! It seems to be happening alot like tishi said! So happy!

  5. Yay!!!! Congrats to you all! Can't wait to see that first scan of your new sweet baby :)