Friday, December 3, 2010

CD 35

Yep that's me as of today. AF where ARE U!!! Thanks allot PCOS! On a good note I called my nurse at the clinic to ask about AF and ifs OK that I haven't started yet. She says she's not worried about that right now. If I start this weekend to just call on Monday, and if I don't start by next Friday to call her then to see about getting something to make me start I'm sure. I fairly sure I will start before then, I would be on CD42 by then. However I have had a 43 day cycle before.

So strange that my IVF nurse asks me if I have taken a Pregnancy test? I said- NO (thinking to self..Geez lady.. We're both infertile, umm no don't think so) I was never addicted to POAS while ttc #1 and see no reason to ever take a test unless I reach like cd 45ish 50ish. Then I might POAS. But on a good note I do believe in Miracles, and know it could happen. Slimmest chance but it could. To say I'd be shocked if this ever happens in my life is an understatement. That's my feelings on I'm so tired I need to go to bed now I'm babbling.

Going to leave you now with a few recent pics of our girl..

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  1. Love the pics - SO cute!! Hope your AF shows up soon..but I also hope for a natural pregnancy miracle this time around! Wouldn't that be something?:)

  2. Hope AF shows up soon. She is too stinkin cute!!