Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just Waiting...

For *AF *that is to show up so I can call my Nurse with my Period, she can call in my BCP's, and give me further instructions. I think AF should show any day now, my cycles have been fairly Regular since after Dassah's birth. All have been 33 day cycles except for 1 that was a 29 day cycle. I am on CD 32 today so hopefully I'll start before this weekend because I hate trying to get a hold of someone at my clinic on sat. & sun.

Things are about to get VERY BUSY in January for us. Not only are we doing an FET then, but Dh is also in his cousin's wedding a few hrs away from where we live on Jan. 8th, and I am planning my sister's baby shower on the Jan. 15th. at our house. At least our FET will be at the end of the month! (that's what I keep telling myself so I can stay as unstressed as possible)Guess we'll see how that all works out.lol

So in Feb. 2011 I'll be an Aunt for the "1st time", and I'm excited to see & hold my niece/nephew. (they are having a surprise) I don't think I could not find out the gender myself. Talk about will power!lol This baby was conceived with the help of "Femara" monitoring at my Clinic, and a left over trigger shot from my IVF cycle;) She has PCOS like myself minus the male factor.

I finally got our tree up which was fun, its the taking it all down part that I dread.lol

And is little miss wearing the 1st of many Christmas outfits;)

Hope you all have great week! Tomorrow it will be DEC. 1st Already! Can't believe how fast time is flying!

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  1. Omg you have a busy January ahead! Keepin' my fingers crossed for a great FET! The tree is gorgeous - as is Little Miss in her holiday outfit :). I LOVE red and white polka dots!

  2. Tomorrow will be the month that I am starting IVF again! Not till the 27th Dec, but still, it is so close!
    AF showed this week and so onto the pill and then onto the IVF rollercoaster!
    I am still so excited about us cycling together!!
    Dassah looks so cute in her Christmas outfit!!
    Nic x

  3. Wow you really are busy!! Love her little outfit! So cute and big she is getting.

  4. Oh my goodness, how exciting on both fronts!! You very well could be pregnant soon, and you've got a niece or nephew to look forward to also! Your pictures are adorable too..

    Can't wait to follow you with your next IVF cycle. You're in my prayers!!