Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here we go Again!!!

Back at the end of August 2010 when we had our Consult with the RE about baby #2, a lady that works there that deals with the Costs of Treatment and such, told me to give my IVF Nurse a call in November to give her a heads up on our Plans, that way we could make "sure" they could fit me in for a January FET.

I gave my IVF nurse coordinator a call today, and left her a message about why I was calling and to please call me back because I also had a few questions:) I had a little bit of a "Dajavue" feeling while doing that.lol

When she called me back she answered all my questions. I'll need to call her when AF shows again which will be either at the end of Nov, or the beginning of Dec. and then I'll start BCP's, and at some point I'll take lupron too, to control my cycle. I'm not formiliar with that drug because I never did the Lupron Protocol for IVF, I did the Cetrotide Protocol. How did you feel while taking Lupron? What side effects if any did you have while taking this drug? Did it sting a bit or not so much?

And before I ramble some more and forget to tell you... We have a date set for our FET!!
Woo Hoo:) It's set for January 28th!!!

I'm nervous & excited. Trying not to let my worries or anxieties get out of control, because I have a problem with those 2 things. And I can't afford to let myself get into a DEEP depression again. Don't know why I just told you all that, but its the Truth I battle with those things for whatever reason not even inculeding infertility. I'm still Amazed that I did IVF and had the strength to make it through all we did to get our 1st little Miracle.

That being said... I need to give my worries and anxieties over to God because He knows what I'm feeling and going through, and it doesn't help me to carry around all that fear in my heart.

II Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Guess I need some of my blogging therapy tonight, because I feel better.

Hope you all have a Blessed week!!

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  1. Great that you have a date!!! My transfer date will hoepfully be the 24th January!!! So close!
    Would be so great if we were pregnant together!!

    I had suprecur which is the UK version of lupron. It did not sting too bad. I had a few minor side effects, mainly headaches, slight dizzy spells and a little trouble sleeping. Nothing too much to panic about though!

  2. oh my, I can't believe you are back already.

    I've been ttc'ing #2 (actively) for over 2 years already.. when I first read your blog, you hadn't started ivf yet.

    Lupron has some nasty side effects. It totally shuts your body down like you're in menopause. I've never taken it for fets, I've mostly done natural ones.. where they time it based on ovulation.

  3. When I took Lupron it didn't really have any effect on me. I could barely feel the actual injection. Wow, you've already set a date for your transfer? I didn't know you could do it so far in advance. I guess it goes based on your current cycle? When I did my FET we didn't know the transfer date until after we had started everything. It would be SO great to have an actual date though! Based on my current cycle, our transfer would PROBABLY be around that same date as well!! Good luck!!

  4. Woo hoo! So exciting to be trying again! I took Lupron with both of my IVF cycles. I know one side effect is headaches, but it is supposedly only if you are on it for an extended period of time. I don't recall anything.

  5. Amanda- I would have wrote you an answer to your question on your blog but you must have recently change your blog to private because I can't see it anymore.

    In answer to your Question-
    Yes it was no problem to schedule a FET date. (I didn't know this or understand how this could work before hand, and was concerned if that date would work out ok with my cycle)My Nurse asured me it would.

    Basicly I'll call with my next period. They'll put me on BC and "manipulate" my cycle with drugs at some point, so that my cycle will work out "Exactly" when they want it to for a FET on January 28th.

    My Nurse said- it didn't matter what date I choose. Infact she gave me quite a few dates in January to choose from.

    So now I'll be waiting for my next period to show. It'll be at the end of Nov. or beginning of Dec. Since I'm on cd5 right now..BOO!lol

  6. Yay! How exciting to have your date! We are making the call at the beginning of the year so we have our tax money in to help cover the costs of the FET. Good luck!

  7. So exciting! I cant believe they can give you an exact date. They told me 3 potential dates..but nothing set in stone. Looks like we will be 4-7 weeks apart in our PREGNANCIES! <~~See that? Thinking positive thoughts!

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  9. I guess I need to make that call about my FET. Just don't tell my husband....just kidding. hahaha I will be back on the ttc wagon in a few months. Take care.

  10. Glad you got a date!! So exciting! One day at a time...

  11. Small world. Hahaha. Did you go to the fertility clinic in TN??? or the one in Jackson??? I live in North MS so I went to the one in TN.

  12. Hannah,

    That is awesome! My clinic, I guess, is small enough that it doesn't schedule the FET so far in advance. :) I did make my blog private due to some weird traffic. :) Would you like me to add you as a reader? If so, you can e mail my your e mail address and I will add you..... My e mail address is: pink24tiger@gmail.com