Monday, October 25, 2010

Best Reward Ever!

Although the road of Infertility is so Painfully Hard that No Words can Describe, after you over come it by adoption, fertility treatments, or you get a Miracle surprise pregnancy and it happened on its on. The Reward at the end, is the Best Reward you could ever Imagine too:)
If your on this Journey called Infertility "Don't Give Up"!
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hello Everyone!

It has been a long time since I've participated in IComLeavWe, so I'll just fill you in a bit about myself;)

I started this Blog in Dec. 2008 to have an Outlet to talk about my feelings about Infertility. It has been a wonderful place where I can talk about whatever I'm feeling or going through. And I have received So Much support here. I would definitely recommend blogging to anyone out there suffering from infertility who feels alone in their Journey.

My Dh and I got Married March 3, 2007 and started TTC right away. A yr later still wasn't pregnant, and made a appt with my OB. Followed by some blood test of course, found out I was not Ovulating due to PCOS and was planning to start clomid.... Until right before we did, we got Dh's SA results back.(LOW COUNT & MOTILITY) Shocked! Dh seen urologist, found nothing wrong. Put him on Strong Antibiotics for 4 weeks, only made his count go up from 3mil. to 6mil.

Over almost another yr of still trying on our own and we Finally Made an Appt, with our RE. And We knew we'd need IVF/ICSI. It went Great, and we Planned our IVF for May 2009! I was so Nervous and Excited. And what I now call an "Infertility Clinic virgin".lol That soon changed.

May '09- IVF/ICSI, "cancelled" due to pour response and 2 dominate follies, converted to a IUI. BFN

July '09- 2nd attempt IVF/ICSI, "cancelled" to pour response and 1 dominate follie, converted Again to IUI. BFN (really a waste of time with Low Motility)


Sept. '09-3rd attempt IVF/ICSI, We Finally Got the Right MEDS. Combo for my stubborn ovaries and made it to Retrieval!

6 fertilized with ICSI, 2 transferred at day 3! 3 embies Made it to Day 5! We have 3 Snow babies! YAY!

On Oct. 5, 2009, I got the phone call that Changed My Life! We were Finally Pregnant after 2 1/2 yrs of trying! Our Miracle baby Girl was Born June 9th, 2010:)

Even though it was harder to go through than words can ever describe she was worth it all! I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Now we are on our Journey to baby #2, were hoping and praying that it will not be as hard this time around. If all Goes well we Plan to do a FET in Jan.'11! I'm nervous & excited all over Praying that they make it to Transfer and get our 2nd BFP, and Give our sweet baby Girl a sibling! I have so many worries about what could go wrong, but I try to remind myself to Keep my Faith, and NEVER GIVE UP! Those to things are key things that got us through the 1st time.

Sorry this is So Long. Its been a long journey. BUT Oh So Worth It All!!!

Happy IComLeaveWE to you all!

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Almost Wordless Wednesday..

Bath time!! Lets get the carrots off that sweet baby face;)
sitting and leaning forward for a

Watching TV in the bumbo seat
Tummy time.. We're lucky if she stays on her tummy 5 min. She DOES NOT like tummy

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A hard thing...

This is hard for me to talk about. I've Been putting it off because I didn't want Anyone to feel bad or hurt. But I now feel its time for me to talk about it, because it's not helping me to keep all my feelings bottled up. It only makes it worse, and much harder the longer I wait.

If you've noticed one of our tickers above you can see that we have already started TTC #2. Its not that we don't Love our precious sweet baby girl, or that we are not thankful because we are more Thankful for her than words can describe, and she makes us unbelievably Happy! She brings such a Great Joy into our lives each and every day:)

I also feel a terrible sadness for many others that are still TTC their 1st:,(Sometimes I feel Guilty that we already have one little miracle, and are trying for another. But I have to remind myself that "IT'S OK" to want more children. In fact its Normal for most people to want more than 1 child unless they wanted an only child. I've always wanted a large family, always dreamed of having 4 kids pretty close in age. But Infertility has put a huge ???? if that will ever happen for us.

The Longing for more children has not went away for me. While I was pregnant I sometimes thought about what all we might have to go through to Conceive again. And After I had Our Sweet girl, we knew we wanted siblings for her. No Questions in our mind about that, it is a Fact. Having her and watching her grow so fast has made the desire even worse, because I know what it will probably take for us to become pregnant again, and I worry about a very long struggle with wondering if it will happen again. We're STILL Infertile:( And I feel an Urgency to Try asap because we have 3 precious little frozen babies just waiting, and I'm not comfortable leaving them frozen for very long. I feel alone sometimes, and don't see many people who had their 1st via IVF and are trying for #2. I've seen a few, but not many.

We had a Consult Appt. with our RE on August 31st. (Our Baby girl would be 12weeks the next day) We were there to discuss baby #2 of Course. IT WENT GREAT!!! We Discussed FET, and he broke it all down for us. Although I can't remember it all, but that's OK my Nurse will give me a schedule when it comes time and explain and answer any of my questions. I did not Breast feed at all So that is not an Issue for us. If all goes good with the Pre Testing He has given us the GO Ahead with a January FET:) Just what I wanted too! He said to Call with My Dec. Period and we'd get things started. My Worries Now are- If my uterus looks good?? And If AF will Corporate?!?! having PCOS really gives me issues sometimes...grr. However he did say if I needed Something to make me start just to call and that would not be a problem.

He Had allot of Pictures of our Embryo's at each day. We have 3 Snow Babies:) I found out they were frozen single/ one in each straw. Which is Great!!! Gives them more control about the amount transferred. He said- All 3 were Great Looking Embryo's!!! And when he showed us those pictures My Heart skipped a beat!! I Love them all!! I'm Hoping and Praying with all My heart all My sweet babies make it through the thaw, and stick! Can't help but hope that we get to transfer the 1st 2 snow babies, and it takes. And then we would have 1 little snow baby waiting and that could be our 3rd or 4th child. I know that's not likely to happen, but I must try to keep hoping for the best. And to NEVER GIVE UP!! That and with God's help of course is what got us through the 1st time.

Sorry this is SO LONG. I do feel better now. This is a sign that I need my "Blogging Therapy" again. Because I can say truthfully that my blogger friends truly did help me though the hard times and the good times too. Missing it allot.

Take care all of you!! Wishing you all Happiness and Lots of BFP's!
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Saturday, October 16, 2010


I meant to Post about this Product while I was Pregnant, but kept putting it off because I was either sick or just not feeling like IntelliGender is a Gender Prediction Test. I hadn't heard of it myself, but my sister had seen it on the Show called-The Doctors. They have that video clip on their website with a few others as well. She also had went to IntelliGenders website to Research about it a little more. She ended up Ordering me a Test for Christmas Just for fun!lol

After she told me about it, I wanted to know how this test WORKED?! SO I got on my laptop and went to to check it all out.

It's a Urine test, and very easy to do.
Yellow to orange color = GIRL Smoky green color = BOY

You can use it as early as 10 weeks into your pregnancy (8 weeks post- conception)!

It's 90% accurate. Not 100% but not Bad. This test really to me is Just for Fun and Curiosity.

Here's the Kicker Though- What affects accuracy?
The variables that affect accuracy of the test results are the use of first morning urine (at least 2.5 hours from last void), consuming excessive amounts of liquid within three hours of performing the test, shaking the test versus swirling, not disturbing the test during the 10 minute wait period, having unprotected sex within 48 hours prior to taking the test. Also, pregnant women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS) are most likely to receive a BOY result so the test is not able to accurately predict the proper gender. Women taking Progesterone are recommended not to take the test while on Progesterone unless the test is taken after 10 days from last dose.

Thank you Infertility! I have PCOS. I was good as for as the Progesterone went because I was way PAST 10 days from my last dose. (you'll most likely get a Boy Result from PCOS because we often have Too Much Male Hormones)

Anyway After it Arrived in the mail I was not so Excited, as I thought to Myself- I'll probably get a Boy result whether its a Girl or Boy. But I took it, and I had a Girl Results! Then we all thought this is probably Right since I have PCOS and it didn't pick up a Boy result. A few weeks later My Curiosity got the best of me, and I went to CVS Pharmacy and bought another test. Girl results Again!

SO in truth I had a big clue I was carrying a Girl, before the Big

It worked out that this test was Accurate for me. But if I took it, and had a boy results I would still wonder if it was wrong because the Fact I have PCOS. Even on the Outside of the Box it says- Not recommended for women with PCOS.

It's a Bit Pricey, so I would not recommended to to anyone if they felt it wasn't worth their time and money. Like I said before its really just fun for curiosity. Just wanted to share my Experience with this, and see if others have heard of it.

Hope you all are well! I hope to see allot More BFP's these next few months and in 2011!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010