Saturday, September 18, 2010

3 Month old pics



Blue eyes

Being a Big Girl!

Don't hate Me because I'm Beautiful!
Ooh! Ruffles!

Daddy & Dassah

Sweet Baby
Deer in Head Light

Eat Your Heart Out!


Happy Baby:)

I Gotz It!lol

Baby Love will be 4 months old on October 9th:*( Time is Flying by way too fast for me! Wish I could freeze time. She is about 13 lbs now. Obviously loves her bottle, just look at those cheeks!lol I'm excited about starting her on some solid foods. Her Pediatrician said I could start that at 4 months old. Starting with Cereal 1st, then the veggies, then let her try the fruit last of course, because if they taste the fruit 1st sometimes they just don't want the Can't wait to see all the faces she makes when she tries something new.
She's really found her little voice and trying to talk to us all the time. I Love It! Even when she fusses at me it sounds like she's telling me off. (then its not so cute.haha)
She's wearing size 3 months now. I need to pack up all her Newborn clothes.:,( My sister is having her 1st baby in Feb. So if its a "Girl" she can use them:) Their not finding out the gender. My sister has Pcos, ttc for a while, and tried clomid with her obgyn BFN's . Then I pointed her to My And she Got Pregnant her 1st cycle there. She did Femara with monitoring and a Extra Trigger shot of mine;) She was 1 month pregnant when Dassah was They'll Be 8 months apart! So Glad that they don't have a male factor, and that it all worked out sooner than later.
Well I've said more than enough for now.haha Hope you all are well. I'm super Excited about my Blogger Friend Nic@ Trying For A Baby http:// She is in the process of a FET cycle right now, and I'm Hoping with all my heart that she get the baby/babies she's been dreaming of! Thinking many positive thoughts for her:)


  1. She is so adorable and growing so much! I love the picture with the ruffles!

    Thansk very much for the shout out and support. I so hope this FET works for us!

    Loads a luv
    Nic x

  2. Beautiful love love the outfit! Sending lots of positive thoughts for your friend.

    (I had to delurk myself because the outfit was WAY to cute!)


    They are giving away 50 a day! They refresh it around 7-8AM.

    She is so stinkin adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Have you guys started cereal/veggies yet? So exciting!!