Monday, June 7, 2010

Almost There...

39 weeks pregnant today!!!

Ok Now since I haven't posted in a while "Again" I have a little catching up to

I last Posted At.. 36 & 3 days Pregnant, and things were going pretty good with the Exception of the terrible heartburn, and major swollen The *Day After That* My Feet Started Itching Like Crazy Bad!!! And then SO did My Hands!!! I didn't pay this enough attention that day, but when it didn't go away by the next day, and I had a *weird rash* on my hands & feet I knew something was up.

My sister was in town that day, and She knew what it was... She said- Hey That Must Be that Weird "Pregnancy Rash" that a few people get. Then I remembered about it too.. as I had seen this on a medical channel on TV before.

I felt Major Dread at that moment... As I remembered that There Was *NO CURE* for it, But to deliver the Baby! So At that Point the Rash was also getting Worse..IT was looking like I had a rash on a rash!!! It was also the Weekend, so the Drs. Office wasn't open... And I was in a state Of Misery!!! The Closest thing I can think of to describe it is- It feels Like a Very Bad Allergic Reaction!!! Like your itching & burning So Bad you just don't know what to do with yourself!!!

Anyway I called the office # and after going through many Operators.. Someone finally talked to the DR. on call... And He Confirmed- that it did indeed sound like I had that Pregnancy Rash.. other Short Names For It is.. PUPPS or PEPS. I think. She then tells me the Dr. says there's not much I can do about it!!! And that it won't go away until I deliver!!! Great!!! She then tells me The Dr. said to take- Benadryl & Pepcid.. "together".. And use Cortizone Itching cream. That this was what I should Do to help relieve the symptoms.

I was so Frustrated too... as I had already tried All the Above the day before, and it wasn't working!!! I jus know to do those things if you ever come down with a rash.. Its kinda common sense.. Plus I grew up with a Mama that was a RN. lol

I then had a really Bad weekend of Suffering with this Awful Rash. Also *Noting* that I was almost 3 weeks away from my "Induction Date". Ya.. I was horrified at times!lol That Next Monday Morning I called the Drs. Office Again to Notify My Dr. & See If there was ANYTHING ELSE I could Try?! He said he Agreed with what the other Dr. said, And he called me in some ATARAX.. (this is kinda like a stronger Benadryl).. And to Also keep using the Benadryl & Pepcid.. together.. and using the Itch cream.

Long Sorry Short.. I suffered For several more days... But Later on all I was doing seemed to be helping, and keeping the rash at bay, and even making the Appearance of it go away most of the time:) Although I stay Very Drowsy from the Meds.. And the Rash does seem to want to Flair up at some point in the day to some degree.. It has Been Manageable!!! It could Be SO MUCH WORSE!!! Trust ME!!! Look it up if U want?!!! (Although in my times of suffering through the Night.. I have said crazy stuff.. Like yelling to my husband- UGH!!! U won't help me & Those Dumb Drs. won't help me Either!!)LOL HAHAHA Hey.. I was in shear misery I tell you!!!

So here I am today.. 39 weeks with only 2days to go before we Induce!!! THANK GOD!!! My last Dr. apt was on Friday- All is looking Good!! And *Surprise* I made a little Progress I was Dilated 1cm. Which is good it'll hopefullly help things progress a little better when we induce. I came in there that day with Only 1 Question? What do WE NEED to DO.. to Set Up with the Hospital to Induce on Wednesday? I didn't get the Chance to Ask the Qu. however.. He was Prepared!!! YAY!!

He Had My Registration orders for the hospital Ready & Told us to Check In Through in between 5:30 & 6:00am... @ the Emergency Room. Since no other Registration places are open in the hospital That Early. Point is- He Had All My stuff together And MADE IT EASY FOR ME:) Right Now Orange is My Favorite Color!LOL That Envelope Makes Me Happy!!! It just reminds me that Soon I will be going to the hospital and coming back home with My little Miracle baby:) She's Worth it All!!! all the morning sickness I've had (and I've had allot).. Heartburn.. swollen feet & hands.. And Horrible Awful Rash!! lol
It won't be long Now... Only good thing about this weird rash I developed is.. IT Can't actually Harm Me or Baby:) But I tell YOU all This... U DON'T WANT NONE!!!
Next Time I Post.. I'll Probably be telling you all that Our Little Girl has Arrived:) Take Care You all! I'm trying to take it Easy For Now... Cause I'm in pain from her head sitting so low in my pelvis.. And I really don't want to go into Labor at home.. WHY? Well I like to feel in control to some extent!lol And I Have A PLAN!!! haha Guess we'll all see how that Goes!
Until then.. take care.. And Say A Prayer for a Smooth Delivery! Thanks:)


  1. I cant wait for your announcement post!! I am so sorry you have been uncomfortable with PUPPS... I cant imagine. I still have 3.5 weeks until my due date. I am going to ask on Wednesday how much over they will let me so done lol

    Good luck with the induction!!!

  2. Poor you, sounds horrible!! Two more days, who would believe it!! Time has gone so fast!!

    Wishing you a smooth delivery. Hope all goes well!

    Yay to your soon little miracle girl!!
    Take care

    loads a luv
    Nic x

  3. I can't believe the time is here already. Sorry you have been feeling so crummy, but once you see your little girl you will forget all about it. I'll be praying everything with the induction goes well and you have a speedy delivery. Can't wait to see pics of her:)

  4. Ahhh that's terrible, that you got the PUPPS thing on your hands and feet! My SIL had it all over her belly a couple weeks before she delivered and she said it felt like someone had just stuck a frying pan on her and left it there. I can't even imagine how much worse hands and feet would be though. Poor you!

    Hoping for a safe and healthy delivery!