Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Much over due Update:)

Hello All!! Yes Its been a while since I've took the time to update my Blog.. although I still try to keep up with whats going on with all of you:)

So here's the Most Recent Belly Pic I have..

This was taken Last weekend on Friday Night.. I was 35 weeks & 4 days preggo in this pic:) Spent the weekend at the beach with my hubby.. jus spending some *alone time* together before Our Sweet Little Girl arrives.

Today I'm 36 weeks & 3 days Pregnant!

I have been super busy lately.. we recently bought a house.. and just life in general has been busy.. as it always seems to be!lol

Right Now.. Everything still looks Great. I'm right on track with everything. No Labor signs AT ALL so far:) which is good.

Had My group B test done last week.. and found out today that it was Negative..Also Good.

Whats Bad... WELL... That Fact that I Have terrible Heartburn & Indigestion.. SO Bad that I'm not hardly getting any sleep at night & for the Past week everything that I eat last at the end of the day does not Digest.. and then of course.. there I am.. at say 3am throwing it up.. Its like morning sickness with added in burning factor all over again! LOL

I'll Honestly be able to get "Better Rest" after the baby gets here & and all that goes away.. Even If I am waking up several times a night with her.. At least the sleep I get won't Be Painful!

Now for.. "My Feet" as soon as I get up in the morning.. they start to swell.. the only way to get them to de swell just a little is- lay flat down. Standing and sitting.. jus make it worse. But of course I Never listen to anyone in my family when they tell me to lay down.. I'm jus too hard Good thing I'm not on bed rest.. I would be miserable!

My *feet Names* Myself N Sister came up with;) - Mammoth feet... Elephant feet... Walrus Flippers.. Manatee Flippers..hahaha ha LOL YES My FEET ARE HUGE!!! Which looks very Strange as I Normally have Extremely Flat, Narrow, Skinny Feet!!

Today was at the Dr. and everything looked Great. Baby is in the right position & is sitting jus a little lower. But That's All No Dilation Yet.. won't be surprised if there is None for a while.

Also Most of you don't know this Because of My Lack of blogging.. We are Planning to Induce On June 9th.. just 5 days before my Due Date. Because Of my husbands Job, and the fact that we live a good ways away from the hospital.

So Only 2 weeks and 6 days to go Before we meet our little Girl:) (unless she decides to arrive sooner of course) Doubting that will happen though.. still u never know.

Well I'm gonna get off of here for now and Go Prop my feet up.. My toes have wrinkles in them.. an I can't move them.. GROSS! lol