Friday, April 2, 2010

4 D Ultra-Sound & a Belly Pic

These are Just a few of many 4 D ultra-sound pics we have. I had this done on Monday, March 29th. It went Great!!! It was worth every penny to us:) At first Our little girl wasn't wanting to turn in the right position and we could only see a little of the side of her face.. But Thankfully after some maneuvering around we Got her to Move into a Good position!LOL They also Made us this really neat DVD of the 4 D ultra-sound. I Left the Drs Office that day being one Really Happy Woman!LOL
Here She Is...

My husband & Mama Noticed Right away during the ultra sound that She Has A Cute Little Pugg nose & that she looks alot like Myself & my little Brother did when we were born. Its Amazing How detailed these Pics are!!!! This is My favorite Pic because it shows her whole face looking straight forward. So Pretty Already... Come On June hurry up and get here so we can kiss this Baby:)

I also see some of her daddy through her forehead and outer brow line.

Sweet Little Girl!!!

Her Feet Crossed:) Looks like she's got daddy's long feet too!LOL
Very pretty full lips:)

Giving her Mama, Daddy, & Grandma A BIG SMILE:)

And Here I am At.... 29 weeks & 4 days Pregnant. Yes I am Huge!!! I've gotten SO much bigger since the last time I posted a belly pic at 20 Almost 10 weeks from then this is How I Look. I've been doing some major
Enjoy the Pics of Our Precious Little Miracle Baby!!! I Hope you all have a Great weekend!!!