Monday, March 22, 2010

28 weeks today &...

3rd trimester Pictures, Images and Photos

Whoo hoo!! for making it this far without any big problems:) I did my Glucose Test on March 1st and passed. It wasn't that bad to me thankfully, the drink was just very very sweet!LOL I did however get a call a week later from my Dr's Nurse telling me that my Iron was low. No big deal I've tended to have low iron levels since I was a young kid. So I'm taking.. Slow FE.. an iron pill that they recommended. You can get it over the counter, and its easy to find:)

I need to post a recent Belly Pic.. My belly has gotten so big since the last time I posted! I'll have to find my camera 1st though.. since I seem to keep finding it then misplacing it

As far as symptoms go- I've had major heartburn and indigestion. And now I'm suffering from back pain!!! this is fairly new for me.. my belly is also already uncomfortable and feels so tight and strained.. I don't know how I can get any bigger But I guess I'll have to.haha Oh man.. Its been nice being pregnant, but I'm ready for June to get here soon, so We can meet our little girl. I'm I don't want her to come before she's fully developed and healthy... I just want the time to fly by since I'm so uncomfortable.

My hubby is coming home from work this Wednesday which makes me happy:) I miss him and of course.. He can rub my back!lol I have a Dr's Appt. next Monday and we get to do our 4 D Ultra-sound.. YAY!! I really hope she cooperates for us. We're Really Excited about it.. Only 1 more week, and we get to see our sweet little girl again:)

Also while I'm there We need to talk to my Dr. about a concern I have... Its that I'm concerned about going into labor and my husband being at work offshore.. and not making it to the hospital in time to see his daughter Born:( It is a possibility.. he works 2 weeks at a time out there in the Gulf and would have to get a helicopter to fly him back to the heliport in Louisiana(if the weather is good enough) & then have a long drive ahead of him to Mississippi. And he'll be gone... June 2nd through.. June 16th!! My due date is June 14th!!!! I could go into labor anytime while he's gone. There's no way of knowing what will happen. BUT STILL!!!
I want to see if my DR will "Plan" to Induce my Labor on scheduled date sometime when I'm full term of course. Even If it is when my husband is suppose to be at work... he can plan to come home the day before they induce.. since they DO let them come home for the Birth of their Child.

I know there's NO WAY to control what will happen... I'd just feel better with a plan:) Also Not really wanting to go PAST my due date Because.. all of my mama's babies were born over due and.. me the smallest weighed 8 pds 7 1/2 oz (not too big).. BUT My sister was... Wait for it........ 10 pds 3oz.. Not joking!!! And My little Brother was... 9 pds 9oz. So Big babies run in my family. No need to let me go over due!LOL Says me anyway..haha

I'll let you know how it goes:) Pray my Dr works with us on this. It'll help me not to worry as much.. But since I'm the planner that I am, I'll have a back up plan FOR if he's not able to make it in time. I'll get my mama to film it for him. I'm not worried about being took care of if my hubby isn't home, and I go into labor. My Family will make sure I'm ok, and well taken care of. But I still want him there of course.

Worrying makes me Ramble on and on so I'll stop for now. And just enjoy my sweet little girl tumbling around inside of me, and remember how blessed I am:)

Take care You all.. Praying for BFP's for those of you out there that are still waiting.. and heathy pregnancys for those who are pregnant.


  1. The 4D ultrasound is amazing!! You will love it!
    As far as feeling big already and wondering how you will get bigger....I had the same feelings starting around where you are in your PG. And now @ about 35 weeks, yes you do get bigger. I stare @ my belly in amazement. It's huge to me!!! I just can't imagine it being able to shrink back down. But friend's have reassured me it will. YIKES!!
    But our little girls will be well worth it all!
    Good luck!! Can't wait to hear how the 4D pics come out!!

  2. Congrats on being in your 3rd trimester! Im right there with you thinking how big I am already and wondering where in the world is this baby going to go these next few weeks!

    I hope you have better luck with us on the 4d ultrasound, we go back for our 3rd attempt on Thursday and hoping she will cooperate with us

  3. I hope you're enjoying having your hubby home!! How wonderful. My husband just started travelling for work so I completely understand how precious that time together is. And congrats on being in the third trimester! I hear you on wanting to be done and meet your baby, lol - you are SOO close!! I feel that same way. Just a few short months to go, which will fly by, I'm sure:) I'm sorry about the new symptoms you're experiencing though. Those do not sound like fun...hope they don't last too long. Yes, I'm dying to see a new belly pic of you! I bet you look adorable, as always. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. Hope you're having a fabulous weekend. You take good care of yourself too!