Monday, February 1, 2010

Big Ultra-Sound DAY!!!!

AND........ It's a GIRL!!!

We Are Both Super Excited of course:) Everything went well with the ultra sound and every looked normal. She was moving around allot & opening and closing Her mouth allot. It was so cute!! I'll have to post a few pics of Her, 1st my husband or some family member will have to show me how to scan them into the Yes.. I should know how to do that. but I've never did it before. I'll try to watch this time.haha

I've had a "Voting Poll" up for a while and several of you out there voted on what you guessed the gender was:) SO.... Now its time to fess up Let me know what you guessed it was.. it'll be fun for me.

As for me lately I've been doing well. I've been able to feel the baby move since 15 weeks. YA I felt it way early on. For a few weeks it was like a fluttering feeling... then it turned into full kicks. She likes to kick me while I'm sleeping at So I'm doing good except for a having a Bad Cold. Hope that goes away soon, hubby has one too.

Well take care all of you out there... just wanted to share our news with you:)


  1. That's such great news. I'm so excited for you both!! Congrats!!

    And I know how it is with the cold. I had one last week and it stinks to not be able to take anything. One of my coworkers suggested that I try a neti pot to help clear my sinuses. It sounds gross and it's a very odd sensation, but it really helped.

    Again, Yay! Glad all is going well!!

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is soo awesome!!!

  3. CONGRATS! Girls are so much fun!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations!!
    I don't know if I've ever posted here, but I've lurked :)
    Just wanted to say congratulations and all the best!

  5. yay Im so excited for you two! I voted girl of course:) We both get to be mommies to little girls! Maybe one of these days well have to meet up with our little ones since we both live in the same state and all.

  6. Wow that is awesome.. Update us more often.. I would love to see some pictures of your cute little belly... I'm totally excited for you you are half way there.. Yippers...

  7. Yea!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Little girls are wonderful. That's SO exciting!:)