Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ultra sound & belly pics

Sorry a little late posting this.. I still couldn't figure out how to scan pics into the computer.. SO I just took a few pictures with my camera of the ultra sound They're a little blurry.. Here's our Little Love Bug at 21 weeks old:)

Baby's Profile

Baby's Face:)

haven't posted a belly pic in so here's a few at 20 weeks..

I'm now 22 weeks & 2 days preggo. Things are still good with me and baby. I recently went on a Cruise to Cozumal Mexico with my hubby, sister & brother in law. And have been home for just a few days now. My 1st night on the ship I Got terribly sick.. the sea's were ruff and that huge ship was rocking. I stayed sick all through the night from about 10pm to "4pm the next day" throwing up 1st every 30 min then later every hour. Thank God I got better!!!! It was Warm & beautiful in Cozumal. And we didn't miss the Super Bowl We watched it on the cruise.. It was a fun time except for getting so sick.

NOTE.. If you do go on a cruise while your pregnant.. your not allowed to go after your 25 weeks. You also need to get your Dr. to sign a paper for you before hand also. Another thing I would advise is to buy the insurance thing... Its for an Emergency.. like if you go into labor. A helicopter would fly and get you no matter where you are. Scary to think about, but better to be on the safe side.

Hope you are all doing well. No more traveling for me for a

Monday, February 1, 2010

Big Ultra-Sound DAY!!!!

AND........ It's a GIRL!!!

We Are Both Super Excited of course:) Everything went well with the ultra sound and every looked normal. She was moving around allot & opening and closing Her mouth allot. It was so cute!! I'll have to post a few pics of Her, 1st my husband or some family member will have to show me how to scan them into the Yes.. I should know how to do that. but I've never did it before. I'll try to watch this time.haha

I've had a "Voting Poll" up for a while and several of you out there voted on what you guessed the gender was:) SO.... Now its time to fess up Let me know what you guessed it was.. it'll be fun for me.

As for me lately I've been doing well. I've been able to feel the baby move since 15 weeks. YA I felt it way early on. For a few weeks it was like a fluttering feeling... then it turned into full kicks. She likes to kick me while I'm sleeping at So I'm doing good except for a having a Bad Cold. Hope that goes away soon, hubby has one too.

Well take care all of you out there... just wanted to share our news with you:)