Tuesday, December 21, 2010

*ICLW* December 2010

Hello everyone!

Allot has gone on since Nov. ICLW. So I will give you all a quick update. We were planning a FET for January. At the beginning of this month I was waiting for AF to show up so I could start taking BCP's in preparation for our FET on January 28th.

Long story short. I was concerned and thought that I might need something to make me start. I called my Nurse on Dec 3rd I think, and she said she was not worried about it yet, and to just give her a call if I hadn't started by the next Friday. A few days later on Sunday Dec.5th, I sent my husband out for to stock up on lots of Pregnancy test for our up coming FET, YES I cheat in the 2WW.lol Anyway I also knew that my nurse would want me to take a test if I hadn't started by that following Friday. SO Dh comes in the test and says- why don't you take one now? I'm like no I really don't like those test. (and I had no reason to believe I was preg.) I still hate seeing a BFN. Anyway Late that night at about 10pm, I thought hey I have to pee, what can it hurt? I'll POAS. SO You can imagine my total shock when the test came up positive with in 2 min!!! I took 3 more test through out that night and they were all positive too.

Medically speaking we should not be able to conceive naturally. I have PCOS and my cycles must have regulated after the birth of our 1st, But DH has a male Factor LOW Count And VERY LOW Motility. We Needed ICSI with our 1st. I honestly think this must have been a case where the *1 good sperm* made it against all odds! I'm still amazed by this! I know this can happen, but truthfully you never expect it to happen to you.. you know?

So we got the best early Christmas Present EVER! Baby #2 is on his/her way:D I have my 2nd ultra sound at my RE's office this Thursday, and if all looks good they'll release me. I think it will go great though, I know I'm sicker than sick with morning sickness(all-day sickness). In truth all though I'm exactly happy, I'm having a hard time. I have been terribly sick for at least 6 days and can't hardly eat or keep my food down. This is taking a toll and I'm feeling extremely weak in my body. I want to be able to give My baby girl the attention she deserves. And be able to to Enjoy her 1st Christmas, and not spend it next to the toilet:( Sorry for the TMI.

At least she is Happy though, and content to sit in her high chair and watch her favorite show *Angelina Ballerina*!lol She LOVES IT!!! She has had this favorite show since she was only 4 months old. And Gets all Excited every time we put it on for her, Squealing and legs kicking in delight:)lol

Well I've got to get off of here, and try to eat something. Take Care You all! Looking forward to seeing many BFP's in the NEW YEAR! And hopefully a Few before then too;)

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ultra Sound:)

Everything went Great today. We found out we are even Earlier Pregnant than we thought.lol I must have ovulated late. Baby is measuring about 5 weeks 4 days, and the due Date should be around August 11th. Since it was so early we didn't get a reading on the heartbeat or get to hear it. However we COULD SEE IT faintly flickering already:D For just a second at the 1st of my ultra sound the nurse thought she might of seen 2 sacks. However the 2 nurses in the room soon figured it was just implantation bleeding. After she looked at my ovaries we seen where I had ovulated from the right side, which was kind of neat.

My nurse called me later today, and told me my Dr. said everything looked good. And that he wanted me to come in next week for another ultra sound just to make sure everything is still looking good. I had already figured that this would be the case since we wasn't able to check out the heartbeat yet. Most RE's usually Release you after you get a healthly heartbeat from what I've seen. Like I said before I'm very newly preg., and we had no way of knowing this based only on my last period I would have been closer to 7 weeks today. Oh well, I get to see my little *Lion Heart* one more time before Christmas:) (started calling the baby this in my head a few days ago) I don't know why maybe because it sounds like such a strong name, and this little one is here with us against all odds.

You can see the round sack is a black circle, and our teeny tiny DOT which is at the top of it. (I went back and highlighted the framing crosses in yellow since I though you'd all be able to see what I was talking about. You could hardly see the white crosses.lol

My next Ultra Sound is Scheduled for next week on Thursday. Dec.23rd! Praying that Everything looks Great again, and that my little Lion Heart continues to grow strong and healthy:)

As far as my symptoms go right now.

I am having lots of terrible nausea, but thankfully haven't had t0 thrown up again yet.Don't know if I can last threw tonight though. I'm feeling really sick today. (I really don't like feeling so ill because I have a baby now, and its really hard to do small things when you feel so badly in your body) Please Pray that this gets better!

Food Aversions- Fried Chicken, French Fries, bacon

Food Cravings- Salad, Veggies, Buffalo wings with ranch.lol And recently a hamburger.

Hope you all are well! Looking forward to hearing about many new BFP's this new year:D

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


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Went in for my blood test today. Everything went fast I stopped and chatted with a few nurses.. of course they all had heard about the positive test.lol The nurse taking my blood said that not that long ago a lady was preparing for their IVF cycle and also got pregnant naturally.

I wasn't too nervous this time waiting for the call like I was last time. I just felt that this is meant to be, and that its all going to work out. (although just a little worry does try to creep in here and there)

My numbers & progesterone both came back good and high. And my Ultra Sound is scheduled on Dec 14th. Tuesday/next week. We should be able to see a heartbeat, and praying with all my heart that we do! I should be close to 7 weeks then. I'm so Overwhelmed with Joy!

Praying for all those still ttc right now, and that all of you get your BFP's soon... through treatment or an unexpected natural pregnancy.

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Awake & Thinking...

I can't believe that I am going in for a BETA test today. I was just never even expecting this. It feels so strange to me in a way, because I never really though of us conceiving on our own. I had gotten past that and accepted that we are infertile. I do and always have believed that Miracle pregnancies happen. I just never thought of it really happening to me! How I feel is.. still SHOCKED, Amazed, Excited, and More Thankful than you can imagine!!! And a bit nervous too.

Well I need to get off of here and get myself & dassah ready. I took a e.p.t. digital this morning and as you can see still pregnant:) I never take these unless I've already gotten a second line off a first response test. There's just something terribly cruel about a test that can spell the words..Not Pregnant. At least that's how I feel.

BFP 12-7-10 6am

I hope to be updating with some great news and and ultra sound date later. Please keep me in your prayers today.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

3rd test

BFP 12-6-10 @ 7am

Ok I do believe I am pregnant now, not just because of the test but because morning sickness is in full swing:0= The 1st day of my last period was on Oct. 29th. So I'm guessing I'm 5 or 6 weeks along. Which makes since why I'm having morning sickness. It started it last time around this time.

I've called my Nurse and left her a message at my clinic to let her know what is going on. Looks like I'll be canceling my FET, and postponing till later.lol Who knew that I would have a natural pregnancy?! Guess dh's best sperm made it to my egg and fertilized it "against all odds". And my cycles did regulate after having dassah. I am hoping my clinic will give me a pregnancy test & ultra sound for my PEACE of mind. I will relax a good bit after I see a heart beat!

Ahh! this is crazy!!! Still don't feel quite real.

My nurse just called me back. I'm going in tomorrow at 11:00 for a BETA test!!!!! And if all looks good with that I should be getting an ultra sound sometime next week!!! So excited:D

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is this really happening???

On my last post I talked about being on CD 35, and calling my nurse to make sure it wasn't a problem that I hadn't started yet. (in early process of getting ready for FET in Jan) Anyway she asked me if I took a pregnancy test I said NO as you already know if you read my last post. I thought I'd start over the weekend no big deal.

Well today since I woke up I have felt very nauseous off and on all day. And thought to myself- OH NO!!! I might have a stomach virus. Around 7pm Dh went to town and I asked him to go ahead and stock up on HPT's for our upcoming FET, and if AF don't come by the Friday I know my clinic will want me to at least check if I am preg. He gladly got them.lol When he walked in the door with them though he said- why don't you go take one now. I said- Umm I'd rather not I don't really get along with those test. And besides I don't have to pee right now.

We watched a movie and Dh went to bed straight after that. I however did have to go then and thought to myself- I guess I will POAS what can it hurt. And so I did and glanced at it after just 2 min. and saw a 2nd line. SHOCK!!!! Immediately go get dh out of the bed, and he followes me to the bathroom. By this point the test was still fresh and it was only 3 1/2 min post POAS.lol He was shocked too, of course and we didn't know what to think about it. I mean clear as day there was a 2nd line. But we're both infertile. This could be a faults positive. Could I some how still be carrying HCG in my urine since June? all these things were running through my head. And the though that we possibly could have a miracle pregnancy. But still in denial if it is.

BFP 12-5-10 @ 10pm

So after all that I emailed my sister about it all. And then went to bed, but never feel asleep because I felt extremely uncomfortable and nauseous after not sleeping for hrs I got up at 1:45am and threw up a ton and it hurt so bad. After this I was in less denial. I have felt this before I had morning sickness the whole 9 months with my 1st. I then tried to go back to sleep but still felt sickly. Dh suggested to go eat a few crackers. So I did, but since I had to pee again POAS I did again.

BFP 12-6-10 @ 2am

And here it is again 2nd line. Will be testing again around 7am to 9am. And calling my clinic to ask what they think, and ask for a BETA of course. This isn't suppose to be able to happen medically speaking.lol

I hope you are getting some wonderful sleep. I need sleep too. Praying I can get a few hrs before Dassah wakes up.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

CD 35

Yep that's me as of today. AF where ARE U!!! Thanks allot PCOS! On a good note I called my nurse at the clinic to ask about AF and ifs OK that I haven't started yet. She says she's not worried about that right now. If I start this weekend to just call on Monday, and if I don't start by next Friday to call her then to see about getting something to make me start I'm sure. I fairly sure I will start before then, I would be on CD42 by then. However I have had a 43 day cycle before.

So strange that my IVF nurse asks me if I have taken a Pregnancy test? I said- NO (thinking to self..Geez lady.. We're both infertile, umm no don't think so) I was never addicted to POAS while ttc #1 and see no reason to ever take a test unless I reach like cd 45ish 50ish. Then I might POAS. But on a good note I do believe in Miracles, and know it could happen. Slimmest chance but it could. To say I'd be shocked if this ever happens in my life is an understatement. That's my feelings on this.lol I'm so tired I need to go to bed now I'm babbling.

Going to leave you now with a few recent pics of our girl..

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just Waiting...

For *AF *that is to show up so I can call my Nurse with my Period, she can call in my BCP's, and give me further instructions. I think AF should show any day now, my cycles have been fairly Regular since after Dassah's birth. All have been 33 day cycles except for 1 that was a 29 day cycle. I am on CD 32 today so hopefully I'll start before this weekend because I hate trying to get a hold of someone at my clinic on sat. & sun.

Things are about to get VERY BUSY in January for us. Not only are we doing an FET then, but Dh is also in his cousin's wedding a few hrs away from where we live on Jan. 8th, and I am planning my sister's baby shower on the Jan. 15th. at our house. At least our FET will be at the end of the month! (that's what I keep telling myself so I can stay as unstressed as possible)Guess we'll see how that all works out.lol

So in Feb. 2011 I'll be an Aunt for the "1st time", and I'm excited to see & hold my niece/nephew. (they are having a surprise) I don't think I could not find out the gender myself. Talk about will power!lol This baby was conceived with the help of "Femara" monitoring at my Clinic, and a left over trigger shot from my IVF cycle;) She has PCOS like myself minus the male factor.

I finally got our tree up which was fun, its the taking it all down part that I dread.lol

And is little miss wearing the 1st of many Christmas outfits;)

Hope you all have great week! Tomorrow it will be DEC. 1st Already! Can't believe how fast time is flying!

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We'll I don't know about y'all but I'm stuffed!lol Ate way too much today;) lol It was a good day and enjoyed visiting with family. Baby girl has felt a little ill today, we think shes probably coming down with a cold:( I hate it for her when she feels bad, its the worst feeling.
So thankful that she is in our lives now! It still amazes me every day:D Also thinking about everyone else out there that is still waiting on their Miracle, and praying that they get it soon!

Hope you all had a great day!
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

More pics of our 5 month old!

Our Beautiful Blue Eyed Baby Girl:)

Time is flying by way too fast for me! Also I'm really starting to get nervous about starting treatment again. I'm having the "What If" thoughts again. These can be good sometimes, but can also drive a person crazy as you all know! We'll be doing this before we know it now. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Hoping and Praying we are 1 of the few that it can happen for back to back.
Hope you all are having a Great Weekend!
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

5 months old

I can not believe how fast the time is flying! Our little Princess is 5 months old already:*) I once again was late for her check up.lol(a month late this time) But anyhow we got her 4 month shots done recently and she cried a bit when she got them, but over all did well.

She is now a wopping 17lbs!lol And is in the 80th percentile for both height & weight. Dr. says shes perfect. We are in Full Force teething right now, and that has been hard on all of us. We can see a little white spot on her gums where the tooth wants to break through, but is taking forever to do so it seems:(

All in all life is good. But lets get real not everything is good.lol Yes things are not perfect. We recently have had a few electrical problems with a few of our plug in sockets, which are thankfully now fixed. And now it seems like we need to call a plumber because some foul Oder is coming from some where in our sink we think!!! AHH!!! Problems just seem to keep coming and piling up on me! Makes me feel crazy from getting so stressed out. I didn't mean to write about this, BUT HEY this is my little space where I can talk about whatever is on my mind right?lol Now if I can just forget all of my concerns for tonight so I can sleep well. Then concentrate on getting stuff done/fixed tomorrow. sigh... easier said than done.

I'll leave y'all with a few recent pics of my big 5 month old baby girl:)
Good Night to you all!!!

D-Love & Mommy

D & Daddy

Best Sugar EVER!!!

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

So Excited about Shutterfly’s Holiday Card promotion!

I heard about this through a few other bloggers out there. I have never used Shutterfily, however everything that I've seen I have loved!!! And Oh My! at all the choices they have! I'll have a hard time deciding what cards I want because there are SO MANY great ones to choose from.

We're excited about doing Holiday cards this year because as you know we finally have our little miracle baby and are so proud of her and our little family:) Doing the cards are just a great way to capture some of the most precious times in our lives.

Here are just a few of some I Love!

I must confess I found myself day dreaming about our future children and putting they're adorable photos in a card like this one! Note: Trying to stay Positive;)

I also Love the Modern Square shaped ones. In fact our Wedding Invitations were square. This Square style looks Great, and give your holiday cards a different look from others.

I'm also a fan of the collage style cards. I hope we can get allot of great Pictures because I would love to find a card that is square and a collage type card. That way I could incorporate 2 of my favorites into one card!!
And this one I Just Love TOO! Love the colors, and can just picture in my head how beautiful our little princess would look in a close up photo!
Here are some of my favorite things Shutterfly offers.
· Holiday Cards to http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/holiday-cards Of course I Love Many of these as you can see
· Wall Calendars to http://www.shutterfly.com/calendars/wall-calendars These are SO COOL! I'm so going to get one!!!
. Canvas Wall Art to http://www.shutterfly.com/home-decor/canvas-wall-art These are Great also Would love to great one to put in our office room at home.
Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up: http://bit.ly/sfly2010 I recommend you check this out. I'm sure you will find it was worth it:)
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here we go Again!!!

Back at the end of August 2010 when we had our Consult with the RE about baby #2, a lady that works there that deals with the Costs of Treatment and such, told me to give my IVF Nurse a call in November to give her a heads up on our Plans, that way we could make "sure" they could fit me in for a January FET.

I gave my IVF nurse coordinator a call today, and left her a message about why I was calling and to please call me back because I also had a few questions:) I had a little bit of a "Dajavue" feeling while doing that.lol

When she called me back she answered all my questions. I'll need to call her when AF shows again which will be either at the end of Nov, or the beginning of Dec. and then I'll start BCP's, and at some point I'll take lupron too, to control my cycle. I'm not formiliar with that drug because I never did the Lupron Protocol for IVF, I did the Cetrotide Protocol. How did you feel while taking Lupron? What side effects if any did you have while taking this drug? Did it sting a bit or not so much?

And before I ramble some more and forget to tell you... We have a date set for our FET!!
Woo Hoo:) It's set for January 28th!!!

I'm nervous & excited. Trying not to let my worries or anxieties get out of control, because I have a problem with those 2 things. And I can't afford to let myself get into a DEEP depression again. Don't know why I just told you all that, but its the Truth I battle with those things for whatever reason not even inculeding infertility. I'm still Amazed that I did IVF and had the strength to make it through all we did to get our 1st little Miracle.

That being said... I need to give my worries and anxieties over to God because He knows what I'm feeling and going through, and it doesn't help me to carry around all that fear in my heart.

II Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Guess I need some of my blogging therapy tonight, because I feel better.

Hope you all have a Blessed week!!

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Holloween pics

Dassah's 1st Holloween costume was a Pink & Black LadyBug themed tutu:) She was super cute and we loved showing her off. Pour baby has been teething this week though and has been a very fussy girl. Hoping that tooth breaks through soon!!! lol Here are few pics before we took her trick or treating around her great granny's neighborhood in town.

Here are her little pink & black wings.

Mama stealing some sugarShe was not feeling the love.lol

The rest of these were taken through out the week, and I forgot to put her wings on. Oh well.. life goes on:)

Hope you all had a great weekend!!! Ours was fun but very tiring;)
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Best Reward Ever!

Although the road of Infertility is so Painfully Hard that No Words can Describe, after you over come it by adoption, fertility treatments, or you get a Miracle surprise pregnancy and it happened on its on. The Reward at the end, is the Best Reward you could ever Imagine too:)
If your on this Journey called Infertility "Don't Give Up"!
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