Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another much needed up date

Hello all.. Sorry I've been MIA again for so long. The truth is I've still been sick Allot, and just really busy. The morning sickness is allot better though and I'm starting to eat some foods that I couldn't before. I'm NOW 15 weeks!!YAY!!

The trip I took to Tennessee was allot of fun. Everything was lit up with Christmas lights. And we all enjoy ourselves, and did Allot Of shopping.

The Only really bad part was..... The ride there.. OH MY.. I was SO SO SICK. trying with everything in me not to throw up in the car. Its a 7 hour drive!!! Anyway half way there I decided to eat some PICKLE CHIPS. DO NOT do this while sick & Pregnant. I made it to our cabin Thank God, but right after that I was throwing up and it was SO Painful.. because the Vinegar in the pickle chips BURNED my throat!! I remember yelling in agony.. GOD HELP ME!!LOL But seriously that was HORRIBLE!!!

Now I am having allot of indigestion and acid reflux. SO that's whats new. Something very weird happen to me Monday night. I went to bed at about 11pm and then as soon as I laid down.. I felt this Horrible pain in my left arm from My shoulder to my fingers.. It was Intense Pain. I did not sleep at all and finally got up at 3 am. About 4am I started throwing up because the pain was so bad it was making me nausea's. I threw up about 8 times in about 2 hours time. My mom convinced me to call my Drs. office and see what they said. They told me to come in that afternoon and that they'd fit me in. I was sick all day but by the time I got there I felt better but was exhausted from getting no sleep. My Blood presser looked great, and baby's heart beat was great. SO of course just like I new ahead of time.. the Dr couldn't tell me what was causing the arm pain.. if I was older or over weight he said that my heart would worry him. But because I'm young and healthy he didn't know. Although he did say that it did line up that the Intense pain would cause the bad nausea I had. I have a theory that it had to be a Nerve in my body that caused it. Weird I know but nothing else makes since.

I had an apt today and he told me to keep it, even though I was just their on Monday, Just to make SURE everything still looked good and I didn't have anymore weird symptoms going on. Once again today everything looked good. NO more weird stuff going on, and I hope that it never happens again..All I can say to describe it is "terrible pain."

He told me to come back in 4 weeks for my ultra sound. And then I asked if I could come back in 3 weeks instead because my husband wouldn't be home. He said 5 weeks instead. He likes to do the ultra sounds at 19 weeks, SO I'll be waiting a little longer SO that my Hubby can be home for that. Because Of course He really wants to be there:) SO It'll be worth the wait so he'll get to see our baby, and not miss out. The BIG DAY IS- FEB 1st!!! And I can't wait.. It feels like I've been waiting to find out I have no patients!!LOL I also need to post a resent belly pic. Its bigger of course... the funny part is when I went to the Dr last month and this month I haven't Gained A Pound. My belly has just been It can't last though I gained 4 pounds after thanks giving day then lost it again. I don't know if I'll drop the weight I'm sure to gain after we'll wait and see what happens next month.

Well I'm gonna get off of here and wrap another present. Take care all of you and have a wonderful, Blessed Christmas:)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Belly pic @ almost 11 weeks;)

This is a little late...But here it is...

10 weeks and 5days

I'm now 12 weeks preggo WHOO HOO!!! For making it this far with everything still looking great!!! At my last Dr. apt our baby's heartbeat had risen quite a bit since last time I heard it at 6 weeks when it was 109 bpm. At 11 weeks it was 165 and 169 bpm when the nurse checked it:) My Dr. said I needed the swine flu shot, and said it was a dead vaccine so it was safe for pregnant women. So I had that done. I asked him when will I get my 1st ultra sound there.. and He said in between 17 and 20 weeks!!! UGH!! So sorry ladies... I have no pics of my little one yet. I'll have to wait till my apt next month in January. The exciting part of that is I will get to find out if we're having a boy or girl next month!!! SO I'm looking forward to that for sure. And of course I'll get to go this month for a apt also, and get to here the heartbeat again. That's always nice and reassuring:)

I've still been sick a good bit... and that's not fun. But it truly has been a good sign that things are going normal. I'll try to take more pics and post them. I misplaced my camera last time my hubby was home from off shore and we were moving back to my home town. When he came home he informed me that he had found it in his car... I was SO RELIEVED!!LOL

I still have lots of stuff to do.. we bought our land "Paid in FULL";) Now I have to choose who I want to build my house, and I want to make a good choice about that.

whats happening very soon?? I'm going to the smoky mountains!!! YAY!! I love it up there in gatlinburg and pigeon forge!!! Me & my sister decided just yesterday to go up there for about 4 days just to get away and have some fun together.. our husbands are coming too of We just booked a very nice cabin today and are headed up there this Yes... this was spontaneous.. But it'll be fun!!! I've been talking about going some where to get away for a while.. and kept coming up with reasons why we didn't need to go because we was busy with this or that. BUT I finally decided that I was just going to have to stop and make time or else I would keep putting it off and never go any where. lol

well take care you all... I'm tired and need to Hope you all have a Great week end!!!