Saturday, November 21, 2009


Sorry I've been MIA. I've just been SO SICK!!! Its a good sick I guess.. if I must be that I'm very thankful/excited about my Baby of course... I just want to feel better so I can enjoy it more. Hoping I'll feel better after 12 weeks.. I'll be 11 Weeks this Monday.. YAY!!! Also I have a Dr. appt next week, so I'm excited about that:)

My belly is growing I had to Buy some maternity pants already. Something else is growing too:( My Boobs!! Their Huge!!! I bought new Bras.. But I'm going to have to buy some more in a bigger size. I wore a C.. before I got pregnant.. Now I'm about to pop out of a size D. AGH!! Please stop Growing!! My mama informed me that her boobs grew the whole time her belly was growing.. just

As for Cravings... I have wanted- Pickles(for breakfast), Pickled okra, Cherry Zup, Cheese Doritos crunched up mixed with sour cream(this is something I used to eat when I was a very young just weird stuff I guess

SO no need to worry about me.. everything is going Normal so far. But keep on Praying for my baby... that means allot!!! I've Never seen any blood Thank God!!! Not even after my retrieval & transfer, or during my 2ww. SO That... I'm very thankful for because it would worry me sick if I did. I can't wait for 12 weeks to get here!!!

Take Care you all... I've Got to GO Now. My Mama is getting Married today!!! I'm very Happy for Her. This is meant to be. I highly approve of this Man, and that's saying A whole lot coming from me... as I don't trust people easily;)

Have a good day you all!!!


  1. I am so pleased you and baby are ok but sorry about the sickness. Have u done a belly shot yet?
    Hope the sickness stops soon, but on a plus side it is a good reminder that u r pregnant!
    Can't believe u are 11weeks already, where has the time gone?!
    Congratulations to your mama. Hope the day goes well.
    Take care x

  2. Except for the cravings and your Mama getting married (congrats by the way!!:)) I felt like I was reading about my own experience!

    How far along we are (mere days apart), the formerly size C/about to pop out of a size D bra, the quickly growing belly, the sickness...OH, the sickness!! Not fun, huh? I had no idea I would feel this awful. I told my husband yesterday that I've kinda felt like a prisoner in my own body. Whatever the baby wants, he/she gets! Sleep, hunger, expelling certain foods...LOL. But they say nausea indicates a healthy pregnancy so that's kept my mind at ease in all the misery;) Hopefully the same goes for you.

    Have you started to look at items for your baby's room yet? We just started to yesterday, and discovered there are A LOT of things we will need. It's a bit overwhelming! But so fun - what a cool "chore" to have to do over the next six and a half months.

    Best wishes with your upcoming doctor's appointment!! I'm excited to see your next ultrasound pic.

  3. I'm so glad that you posted I'm so glad that everything is going good.. You will have to update your blog more it makes me feel better... I thought that something happened so glad it didn't... Take care and enjoy the pregnancy.. Take lots of pictures of your belly growing every month.. I didn't now I wish I would have... Oh well I guess we live and learn right? Take care

  4. Glad to hear things are going well!!

  5. aww god bless your pregnancy and your mumma with her marriage :) xxx

  6. Congratulations on your baby! My hubby and I tried for 18 months before conceiving our first baby and now we are on month 11 of trying for our second. Its an emotional journey but I LOVED every minute of being pregnant! I hope you do too!

  7. Glad to hear that you and baby are doing well. Good luck with the journey ahead!

  8. I became a follower more than a month ago of your adoption blog you started, but finally headed over here to see if you post on this i know why there's no action on your other blog! CONGRATULATIONS AND BLESSINGS!!!