Friday, October 16, 2009

Sweetest thing..

My husband had to leave for work/offshore a day after my IVF Transfer. And Before he left.. He walked in with a card. Of course this made me happy I LOVE Cards that come from the Heart:)

And I have to say.. that Its one of the sweetest ones I've ever Got!!!


It was so simple.. But at the Same time So Meaningful.. On the Front of the Card was 2 cuddling kittens. And it said- "Some Things Are Just Meant To Be..."

When I opened it it It Said- You and Me.. Then my husband Put a Coma in- And It Said- "You and Me, and Our New Family!!!

During my 2ww while my hubby was at work, this card sat on my night stand. I read it often..and it always made me feel Good:)

Just wanted to Share this with you.. My husband is too sweet and this is one of the Most thoughtful things he's Ever did for me.

Have a GREAT Weekend!!!



  1. Aw, he is so super sweet! I just love to get cards too! Sometimes, I would rather get a sweet card than a gift. The random cards just by surprise are always the best!

  2. Awe I cried reading this! so cute and

  3. Aww, that IS so sweet! You've got a real keeper:)

  4. awwh thats so cute! :) your lucky xx

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