Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One More Week...

Until My 1st Scan... I can't wait!!! I want to see my Baby/ies!!! Even though I have this feeling- that everything is going to be OK, and that- this is meant to be.

I still Worry.. Why IS THAT??? I worry if everything is ok... If I will see a Heartbeat/s... If They are in my tubes.. EX.

I'm a "nut case" sometimes..haha

As far as my symptoms.. I had some before my 1st beta- "Tiredness" Often..needed a nap everyday(not normal for me)
Nausea.. in the middle of the night, and very early in the morning. No vomiting yet thankfully:)
Also I felt.. Fatigue, Teary, Emotional..Ex.

Although.. Yesterday & today. Almost no symptoms.. I know every ones different, and some people aren't sick every day. I'm Probably one of those people. But it does worry me a little, even though I don't like feeling sick. This makes me crazy!!!lol

I think I'll feel Much Better when I see my Baby/ies Heartbeat/s:)
I did some reading and have found out that it is indeed normal for people like myself who have been though Infertility to Worry More sometimes.. Its like we're still worried something might go wrong. We almost can't help ourselves..

DO not worry about me though. I'm doing Great!!! God is going to take care of me:) And my little one/s are in his hands. My days for the most part are really good. Except for those irritating thoughts that try to creep into my mind. Its still hard for me to Except that I am actually Pregnant sometimes. I really didn't know if it was possible before. I am SO thankful for this Pregnancy, and I Never want to take it for Granted!!!

I hope you are all doing well. And for those out there who are still trying for your BFP's.. Don't give up.. It's worth it.. Even if you can't even see it Right Now. Love You all!!!



  1. I think it's completely normal what you are feeling. I still have those same fears every day even @ 11weeks now. Mine are more from the miscarriages than Infertility but I can see how you would have these same fears also.
    Can't wait to hear about your first ultrasound! It will be amazing for you.♥

  2. Good luck to you!! What a great time for you and your husband!!



  3. Oh I so know your feeling I have the same ones and thought I was crazy for sure:) I go for my first U/S tomorrow and hopefully after that my worries will be at ease but its so hard I guess after having "tough roads" to get us here but Im sure that we are both fine and we will have beautiful babies next year:)

  4. Oh, I hear you on the worrying!! I am the SAME way. I think as IF ladies we're so used to bad news/worry all the time that now, even though we're pregnant, we have a hard time completely letting go of those feelings...I'll be keeping you and your precious babies (I think there are two!) in my prayers, as always:) Peace I pray for you, my friend.

  5. I can't wait to hear about your u/s. I have been following your blog for months, I am so happy that your finally have some good news. I hope you don't mind, but I nominated your for an award! Check out my site!