Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm still Alive..

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. We have been having Problems with our "computer and Internet". Right now I'm on my aunts computer who lives a good ways away from me. Hopefully I'll be able to update you all about my beta test on Monday. BUT. I doubt I'll be able to do so:( It might be as late as Thursday before I'm able to update you all. SORRY!!! just wanna give you all a heads up.. And let you know NOT TO WORRY.. If you do not here from me on Monday.

WHY??? Because our "Computer issues" might not be worked out until then. My husband comes home from work/offshore this Wednesday so I'll let him figure it all out then, if I can't get it working before hand. I have NO Patience for "technical problems" and they Stress me out when I think about them...SO it's best that I DO NOT STRESS. And try not to worry about it. Its not worth making myself sick over.. you know?

If you look at my ticker you can see that I only have a few days left of my 2ww. Thank God!!!
I have had a few really good days recently.. considering all. But I do still have my
I just want this to be over... I just want this cycle to have worked... I do have a pretty good feeling that it did... SIGH... We will see...

Please pray for me.. even though I have had good days... doubt and worry creeps in on me too sometimes. And when it does it makes me feel sick. I guess I can thank the sting of Infertility for that.

I'm Praying for you all, and think of you often. I haven't been able to get on the Internet AT ALL since my Last POST. Hope you all can understand now Why I haven't posted or commented lately. I can't wait to get these computer issues FIXED!!! Its just too bad it had to completely mess up on me during this time. It will be OK though Life goes on... and somethings in life we just can not control.

Hope you all are having a Great Weekend.



  1. Oh it sounds like you may of an idea that it worked!!! Did you test already? I have been wondering about you! You have been in my prayers. I can't wait for the 2ww to be over for you. Please don't forget about all of us out here in bloggy land!!

  2. I am so glad you posted - I was beginning to worry about you! So glad to hear you are doing well and surviving the 2ww...but you are going to make us all wait until Thursday?!? So be it. I will continue to pray that God's hand is over you and your husband. Praying for good news!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, just two days!! You'll be in my prayers, honey:) No worries on the computer issues...grr, so frustrating, I know. But we'll survive!

  4. Girl.... I totally know how you are feeling!! The waiting is so agonizing and I myself am not a patient person. Only two more days so hang in there, do some praying and turn it over to God. Keeping you in my prayers!!


  5. So your gonna make us wait until Thursday, huh?!?!? lol
    Well hopefully we hear sooner about your great results! ;-) I'll be thinking of you!

  6. Thinking about you today! Let us know when you can.

  7. thinking about you today!

    Hope you will join us on our new blog

  8. Dying to know!!!:) Praying for you.