Monday, September 21, 2009

Transfer DAY:) & Happy ICLW

Just wanted to write a quick post to update you all a bit. My Transfer went GREAT!!!

My Dr. said- it couldn't have went any Better, and that the 2 Embryos that they transferred were Beautiful. He also stated that- They looked so good that they could be in a Magazine.ha! He's too sweet.. I love my Dr:)

Basically before he left he said- this cycle has went "perfect" and we've done all we can do. And now its not up to us.. now we wait.

"AHHH... the dreaded 2ww!!!"

WE all of course want this to work *This Time*. But if it doesn't.. the next step of course would be to do it again. And one good thing like my Dr. said is that we now know that we can make really good embryos.. So that's definitely a Plus:)

As far as my other Embryo's go.. David/Guy that works with Embryos...Said they would let us know how they are doing in a few days, and if any of them make it to Blast. And of course we'll freeze any that make it.

Well I'm gonna get off of here and take it Easy.. I will Post some Pics of my 2 Little Embryo's tomorrow:)


Ps. Happy ICLW to you all!!!


  1. Whoo hoo! I'm so thrilled for you Hannah:)

  2. YES!! So glad the transfer went well, and you had great embryos to transfer! Hopefully you'll have a couple to freeze, too. Get some rest...

  3. Thanks SO much for your sweet words on my last post. It's extremely comforting to talk to someone who's 'been there':) I LOVED your message - you could never write too much! You're such an amazing person and I truly admire your strength. I am ecstatic that your transfer went so well also!!! Take care and enjoy your time with your little embryos that are now safe and sound. You'll continue to be in my daily prayers, girlie.

  4. EXCELLENT NEWS!! Keeping you and those two little embies in my prayers!! Stick Embies Stick!!


  5. So exciting - you made it through an entire cycle! So happy for you. praying that those little embryo's stick. And that the others would make it to freeze. Be blessed, take it easy and get knocked up!!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope the two week wait goes quickly and ends with two pink lines!

  7. Good luck and I wish you a speedy 2WW! Fingers crossed that it ends with a BFP!

  8. So glad that the transfer went well! You'll be in my of luck for GREAT news in the next two weeks!! FX!