Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Report is IN....

Hello all, I just got a phone call from the Embryologist. And Out of the 8 Eggs that they did ICSI with. WE have *6* that have Fertilized:) YAY!!! WE are very Happy to hear this!!!

Its hard to wrap our heads around that... as of "RIGHT NOW" we have *6 little Myhre Babies* Growing and trying to survive!!! (And YES we do believe that conception starts... when the Egg and the Sperm meet & Fertilize)

We know that this is still early in the process & that lots of things can happen in just a few days. But we're keeping the Faith and putting our trust in GOD. And that's the Best thing anyone can do:) NO matter what the out come maybe... even if some or all of our little babies don't make it. They well still be our babies. And we will miss them.

We Love them All.. already.

Our Transfer is Scheduled for- Monday at 1:00pm. YAY!!! I still almost can't believe we are here right now... after what we have gone through in the past. The BEST advise I can give anyone going through something hard- is to Put your trust in God & Never Give Up!!! I'm not saying its Easy all the time.. But it truly is the Best thing you can do. And it truly helps the Most!!!

The Progesterone Injection did not go well... I was SO mad at my Hubby last night.. he wigged out on me when he saw the LONG Needle then finally when he did stick me.. I flinched because it hurt and felt like he was sticking me in the Lower Back.. Not my hip... He pulled it out. I was bleeding... then he had almost no self confidence about it. And my mama was "not home". (she's a RN)SO I had to call her up. I didn't want too because she was out with a Guy. I didn't want to bother her.. And yes she has recently started dating again:) We are all happy for her!!! She is living her life and moving forward!!! SO after a BIG CRAZY NIGHT with me yelling like a mad woman at my husband about tons of things. My dear sweet mama came in at 11pm and gave me my SHOT!!! She tried to show him where to give it to me and wanted him to do it. BUT he insisted he wanted to watch her do it the 1st time. I can understand this BUT I was so MAD.. Because I needed him to be there for me. I needed that shot!!! And he was causing me stress I didn't need. If you can understand that.

All is well this morning we are over that. I do understand WHY he was Nervous.. But at the same time felt that he should have been prepared to do this for me last night. After all I'm afraid of needles.. and its no good when the person giving you the shot don't have much confidence in them selves about it at that moment. LOL

He'll do good I'm sure. I have a little round band-aid over the shot from last night. SO he can use that as a example to Gage where to stick me from that:) WE CAN DO IT!!!

Thank you all for your Prayers!!!! Please continue to pray for our little Babies to Grow and be healthy. And for us while were in this waiting process.

Love y'all!!!
Have a Great week end!!!


Ps. almost forgot. I am feeling Much better this morning there is hardly no Pain at all. I haven't even need to take my pain meds today!!! Praise God for that!!!


  1. Super awesome update on your little ones. I am praying for you. I am sure your hubby will get the hang of the shots. This is a stressful time for him as well. I can see your frustration as well. Prayers are coming your way :)

  2. WOW!! How exciting! I also understand about the needles as I am not a big fan either. I also hate blood but have gotten used to it with the weekly blood draws over the past 5 months.
    Can't wait to hear how things go on Monday! Best of luck!!!

  3. Things sound great!! I am keeping you in my prayers!!


  4. Sounds like a great fert report. Good luck at the transfer tomorrow!

    Sorry the first PIO didn't go so well, but I'm glad he has got it figured out now!

  5. Congrats Hannah! I can't wait to see what Suzanne says today/tomorrow and then to hear about transfer on Monday! With the progesterone shots...I would ice my hip for 5-10 mins before each shot and applying heat afterwards would help too.

    Sorry about your husband. Mine was really nervous about that shot too at first. A lot of times after my shot I would be bleeding, although when he first would stick me and draw it back there would not be blood.

    Praying all goes well on Monday & you get your miracle too!! : )