Saturday, September 19, 2009

Progesterone Shot #2

I am very happy to report that I just received my 2nd Progesterone Shot!!! My husband did it with no help. And he did a Great job!!!:) I feel so much relief now. Yes I was nervous... and YES I do feel a difference in the Bigger needle going in. SO far the meds being pushed in hasn't hurt. And so far I've found that it does really help me to massage the shot area afterwards. It helps it to not knot up as much under my skin. So that is all good!!!

I feel like we've conquered something New Feels good:) Its still scary But we did it and it went great!!!

Just had to share this with you. It was a big deal to us!!! And I'm super proud of my Hubby!!!

Now we're gonna play some Mario-Kart on our Wii. That thing is so Much fun!!! We just bought the Wii a few days ago and we love it!!! It is as much fun as everyone says it is. I think I might buy that Wii Fitness thing.. Every one seems to say good things about it.

have a good night, Love y'all!!



  1. So pleased the shot went well! I have a Wii and it is great fun, I love Mario Kart. I have the Wii fit but it gets a little boring after w while if you have it purely for weight loss. If you want a weight loss game try the EA sports active, its much better.
    Good luck for the transfer, will be thinking of you. Take care x