Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our New Plan...

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Hello all, I've had a pretty good day today spending time with my mama, and lil bro. (He's 9 yrs old and a mess) We all love him to death!!! he just so cute:)

Anyway this afternoon I got an unexpected phone call from my IVF Nurse. She said that they had just got out of a meeting about me, and my IVF cycle. She wanted to know HOW MUCH "Menopur" I Have Because this time they're gonna start me off doing the Bravelle and Menopur in the beginning. The PAST 2 Canceled IVF's we did just the Bravelle for a while then added in the Menopur.

So she just wanted to know how much Menopur I have because She knows that I run out of meds allot. She called me in another Box/5 vials. I hope it'll be enough.. who knows??lol

I'm just Glad that their gonna try something a little different this time:) I hope it makes a difference... and I actually respond enough this time around!!! And hopefully we'll have a successful IVF and get our 1st ever BFP:) Gotta have hope Right. We're Just Praying and trusting in God that everything will be ok either way this cycle works out.

My next appt. is Friday. I can't wait to get this ball rolling again. I am still waiting for AF to arrive. In my past IVF cycles after I took my last birth control Pill it took me 3 to 4 days to start. Nerve wracking..sigh. I guess when doing IVF you just want everything to line up perfectly the way it It worked out Good the past 2 times with my lining and AF. BUT I guess I still worry a little... at least until they tell me everything looks

One more week and my Hubby will come home from work/offshore/oil rig. I miss him and can not wait for him to come home. And give me my shots!LOL seriously I like that I'm able now to trust him with sticking me needles. He's gotten very good at it. You know one thing that I can say about going through IVF is that my husband and I have grown even closer during the process. So its been a good thing in a way. Were learning how to face some of the hardest things together. And are here to lift each other up and encourage each other along the way. And have Faith that Everything will work out the way it is meant to, in Gods Perfect timing:) (NOT that it isn't hard at times)

Well I'll update yall on Friday... Please Pray that everything goes perfect!!!


  1. Pleased they are trying something different. Really hope this gets you your BFP!!
    Its great that you can trust your DH to give you your injections and that its has bought you closer together. I dont know if my DH would ever be brave enough to stick me with a needle!!
    Good luck for this cycle!

  2. I am glad they are changing things a bit for you this cycle. I think it will really help! I am excited for us to begin out cycles! We will both get our BFP's soon!!

  3. I hope the new changes will mean IVF for you this month!
    And I know what you mean about getting closer with your hubby after being put through some hard times. After our last miscarriage and then it taking 7 months to get PG again has really put a strain on us, but my hubby has been there for me more than I could have ever asked.
    Praying you get your BFP this month!!