Thursday, September 24, 2009

OH!! the Torture..

Going Crazy in 2WW Pictures, Images and Photos
AS you know I am now in the 2ww. And now I'm feeling it... All these- WHAT IFS??? good and bad.. Flooding my mind. I guess this is Normal. But it doesn't make it Any Easier. I really don't know what to Expect.. Because I've never been in the 2ww after IVF.

I've Also already been thinking about whether or not I will TEST before my Beta.
The Answer is- I don't know for sure.

On one hand- I would like to know Before hand..if it didn't work. That way I don't get my hopes up waiting for a phone call with someone telling me I'm not pregnant. I know myself... And I would deal with it Better KNOWING before hand if it didn't work.

BUT on the other hand- YES it'll be HARD EITHER WAY!!! And sometimes Test are wrong... False/Positives of False/negatives. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!

I'm not crazy I promise I've just got WAY to much time to

If I do Test before hand I will not be Posting about it Until I get my Beta Results. Just a heads up. Its just a personal thing. I guess everyone deals with things differently.

But I well "tell all" sometime after my Beta NO WORRIES;)

I'm no good at this waiting thing. I need God to help me, so that I don't drive my self insane with worry. I need to have a little more Faith!!! I need to Remember that God is still in Control and has a Plan for me.. and He Loves Me!!

Lord Please help me during this difficult time.
In Jesus Name I ask and Pray.

Praying for you all as well.


Praying for Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. Praying for peace during this exciting and anxiety-ridden time!!!

  2. I wouldn't be able to wait it out. I'd have boxes of tests on the back of the toilet, lol.

    I'm rooting for you!!

  3. I would not be able to wait, lol! I am keeping everything crossed for you during this 2ww. Hope it goes quickly for you!
    Take care

  4. God I am praying for you sooo much!!!!
    I have a great feeling!

  5. I hated those tests!! Whatever you decide, I hope you get your BFP!

  6. I've never been good at waiting. With this PG, though, I did get a false negative the day before my blood draw. Wis
    Praying you get your BFP!!

  7. Good luck sweetie!! Patience is so hard. I can't imagine what your going through but just keep praying!! You and your Hubbs are in my thoughts and prayers!

  8. Come on BFP! Good luck dealing with this waiting period. Its unbearable, I know!

    I think that since so many of yours made it to freeze, those ones are snuggled up inside you, fighting to stay strong!!

  9. I hope that you get your BFP at the end of this wait!


  10. I was so glad to come across your blog. I am on cycle day 4 of our first IVF cycle (actually a Mini IVF cycle) We will have to do ICSI too. Keep strong during your 2WW.

  11. Praying that this cycle it is!


  12. praying this cycle works and so we can be pg buddies together:)

  13. Oh, I feel your angst. I am right there with you. It's so hard, I know. I'm only 1dp3dt and my Mom was trying to talk me into testing this week because she's just as anxious! My fear about testing early is that store-bought tests can be wrong, and I don't want to be thinking one thing and then learn another from my clinic, it could be another emotional rollercoaster! But I do understand you're wanting to know. You'll be in my prayers!!!

    And thanks SO MUCH for your wonderful comments on my blog the other day. Things are looking a whole lot brighter today and I have no doubt it's due to sweet prayers from amazing people like you:)

  14. Definitely thinking and praying for you!!

  15. Goodluck! I hope everything works out for you!


  16. My first IVF I tested the night before and it was negative of course. My second IVF I did not test and waited until my beta -it was thankfully postive. It is so hard!!!! For me it was better not to test; I didn't have any in the house to tempt me.
    There is the possiblilty you could get a false negative that early on.

    Good Luck no matter what!!!