Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Sorry that this Pic is a little Crooked. I took it in the Car on our way home after our Transfer. I was attempting to take a Pic of one that they had given me.lol

We Transferred 2 Beautiful..Grade 4... 8 Cell Embryo's:) WE are just so Happy Right Now!!! It is a "Huge Deal" that we FINALLY Got this Far, After Going through "2" Back to Back Cancelled IVF Cycles.

If you are new to my blog.. We got Canceled Both times due to me not Responding enough to the Meds and only having 1 or 2 large follies each time at the end. And you need more Big Follies than that to do an IVF Retrieval of course.

BUT the Great thing is..That We didn't Give up!!!! We kept trying... And it Finally Paid off. WE Now know what Combo Of MEDs. that will work for me. And I also have to say- that I'm also VERY Thankful that there is such a thing as "ICSI". Because with out a Miracle or ICSI, My husbands sperm could NOT Penetrate My Eggs. Just something to think about.

My husband leaves for work again offshore tonight:( I'll Miss him for sure.. Especially during this 2ww. But at the same time I'm SO Glad it worked out that he was home for my Retrieval and the Transfer. And The Transfer Was SUCH a Great Experience. I know I've said it before BUT it Really did go GREAT!!!

SO Now I wait... sigh. And I'm still on moderate Bed Rest. NO worries though... I can Read.. Nap.. Watch TV or movies.. Play Games on the Wii.(nothing that requires standing of course.. just games that I can use a controller while sitting)... and of course I can blog.. of just surf the Internet.lol

And its also good that I live right Across from my mom.. And She's a RN, So she can give me those Lovely Progesterone Shots that I Love..haha Just joking I'm sure NO ONE LOVES THEM!!

I've had more Side Effects from Progesterone than any other of the meds I have took. CRAZY..lol But all in all I'm doing Great. I hope you all have a Great Week. Please continue to Pray for our little Embies to Grow.. Stick.. and be Healthy of course:)



  1. Ahh, that sucks about the canceled cycles. I had that happen a couple years ago, where they didn't give me a high enough dosage of puregon because of my age so they only ended up retrieving 5 eggs. 2 were too big, 1 too small, one of the eggs didn't take, and the other was developing 'unnaturally' (whatever that means! Alien baby I guess...) so we never made it to the transfer. I was so sad and not sure if I wanted to try again, so we were working on adopting for a while instead. It all worked out in the end though!

    I hope and pray that everything works out for you, your husband and ALL your little babies!

  2. Those are picture perfect embies! I'm on the 2WW as well. Good luck to both of us!!! Happy ICLW!

  3. Great looking little ones! I hope all works out this cycle.

    Have a great week.


  4. SO happy for you!! I hope these little ones grow to be healthy little babies for you!

    Happy ICLW!

  5. AWESOME :)
    I am praying for you and your Embies!!!

  6. Absolutely perfect embryos! I hope the 2ww flies by and you have wonderful news at the end.


  7. WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! I will be praying for you honey!!! Congrats on a great outcome so far!