Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good News...

Today.. I was anxiously awaiting the phone call to tell me- IF ANY of Our Embryo's made it to Blast. I was almost making myself sick waiting for that phone call. I just needed to "Know" one way or the other. I don't like waiting. (who does Right??LOL)

Anyway like my Title of this POST says.. Its *GOOD NEWS*... 3 of our Embryo's made it to BLAST!!! YAY!!! The Embryologist wanted to "Confirm" IF we wanted to Freeze them or not. Of Course My Answer was- YES!!!:) She said- that they all were Good Looking Blast. SO that of course made me Very Happy.

I also feel good Because- out of the 6 Embryo's that Fertilized Right after our Retrieval.. All of them made it... But one. The Best "2" were transferred on Monday/3 day Transfer, and 2 days later "3".. of the 4 that were left made it to BLAST. My guess is- that the one embryo that was grading a little lower was the one that didn't make it. A little sad... But It wasn't meant to be.

This Gives me MUCH HOPE that the 2 they Transferred are Thriving as well:)

SO this news today gave me MUCH RELIEF!!! Now I don't have to wait and wonder... I have 2 little ones in my tummy.. Hopefully growing and getting ready to Implant:) And 3 little Snow babies. NOW I can sleep a little easier.

The Progesterone makes me sleepy...ALLOT. So I've definitely been sleeping more than normal.. I'll start the Patches tomorrow.. so that will be something new for me.

The shots are going great... Last night I hardly felt the needle AT ALL. I guess moms nursing skills are coming in handy;)

Have a great night.

Please keep us in your prayers during this time.



  1. That really is GREAT news! Hope to see a BFP soon!!

  2. I'm visiting from ICLW. That is great news! When we did our first IVF (our only successful one), we had 8 embies, we put two back (grades B and C), and didn't have any make it to be frozen. I said it was successful-one took, and he is the sweetest person I look at everyday. Quality isn't everything, but those two embies are where they should be, and hopefully you won't be needing the other 3 any time soon! Good luck, I'll check back in 12 days to see what you have to say about your beta!!!

  3. Those are such great signs - hoping for a BFP! I love your name - Hannah's so beautiful!!

    I am so happy for you :)
    I am praying for you!!

  5. Yay!! That is such great'll be in my prayers for sure!!! Stick babies stick :)

  6. Fantastic! Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you :0)

    Happy ICLW!

  7. That's GREAT news! Congrats and I hope everything continues to be good news from here on out for you!!

  8. That is fantastic news! I hope the ones you are currently carrying will implant and the others will be safe for the future :D Congratulations!


  9. That is SO Great!!!!!!!! It is such a great feeling knowing that those little snow babies are there just waiting to become part of your family someday!!!! Until then grow babies grow in Mommy's tummy!!!!!!