Friday, September 18, 2009

An Eventful day...

Today I woke up at 2am to start getting ready. We left the house about 4am and was on our way. We Signed in at 5:30am and then everything went fairly smooth. The Nurse didn't hurt me too bad when she started the IV:) Later on they told me they were going to give me something to RELAX ME. And then pursued to wheel me off to the surgery Room. When there they of course made me move over to the operating table/bed. When that was done... ALL I can remember is Screaming from a Horrible PAIN that just shot through my hand. LOL It was the Anesthesia BUT I don't remember her warning me. And I just wasn't expecting that. I have had anesthesia Twice before, and that has never happened to me. LOL Anyway I lived and don't remember what happened after that.

Upon wakening... I remember feeling irritated. Maybe at the nurse for waking me from such at deep sleep?? Who Knows?? The very next feeling was PAIN!!! I was NOT Expecting that at all, maybe a little soreness BUT NOT BAD PAIN!!! I felt like I had to pee and she informed me that I shouldn't have to go.. because they had put a catheter and the had just drained "how ever much". She said that the catheter makes people feel like that. BUT I still wound up trying to pee twice before I left.. with not much luck.

On to the pain issue I told her more than once that I was hurting. she said to drink something and then if I was still hurting that I could take something for the pain. When my husband came back to see me.... I had.. had ENOUGH of the PAIN I was ready to through my Cup of Ice on the floor towards the Nurses so they would Pay Attention and help me!!!LOL Anyway I asked my Husband to please tell her I need something for the pain. HE did and she came and told me that I could take a Tylenol 3. I then made sure I asked for some crackers because if I didn't eat something first I would have been in even more pain from throwing up. IT took FOR EVER for the medication to work. But when it did I finally had some Relief.

I didn't see my Dr. after my retrieval BUT my Husband did and he said that they retrieved about 12 or 13 eggs. But only 9 were Bigger. THAT IS GREAT though because we reached our limit of 8 eggs:) And and the Dr. said that the smaller ones could grow some more over night. BUT Regardless of what ever happens we still have a LIMIT of fertilizing only 8 eggs with ICSI of course. I'll get to know something more tomorrow. I hope my eggies are Fertilizing and then will develop into healthy Embryo's. I know that all different kinds of things can happen in a few days with them, BUT we're praying that all goes well. And just having Faith that everything will work out the way God plans it too. I'll inform ya'll more tomorrow when I know something more.

NOW.. my day was far from OVER on our way home I get a call from my mama telling me that I need to come to the "court house" Because I needed to be there today and she didn't know it before. I was feeling sore, but much better so I came. And I would have came anyway in Fact because this was IMPORTANT. Remember My Daddy died in a horrible Accident off the Coast on Nigeria Africa last yr?? Well we finally have finished dealing with his company. I was not dressed to go to court. I was wearing comfortable cute exercise BUT my presence was needed. I even had to be sworn in & got questioned in the witness stand.HA! The lawyer and the judge could tell I was in allot of Pain I think... so after everything was over and the Judge Approved Everything. I had to sign Papers.. SO he let me sign them first, and said I could go. That was very nice of him. I AM JUST SO Glad that all this is over with dealing with that company. This has been going on for almost a yr now. Which is normal considering what happened. But now we all can move on from that because its DONE. OVER WITH!! Yay!!! I'm mostly happy for my mama because she doesn't need to have to deal with that anymore. And Everything is great concerning how this turned out in the end. We would take my Daddy back in a second if we could, But we can't. It amazing... we were always taken care of while my daddy was alive. And now even in the event of his death my Family is taken care. That's the way he would've wanted it. I just know it, that was what was MOST Important to him.... His Family. But most of ALL.... "God has always looks out for my family and taken care of us. And He GETS ALL THE CREDIT!!! HONOR and PRAISE!!!"

Just wanted to leave ya'll with I scripture that I've always Loved... that I seen on a church sign this morning on my way to the clinic.

What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?
Romans 8:31


  1. I am so pleased they got 9! That is great! Sorry u were in so much pain afterwards. Hope u r feeling better now. Am thinking positive fertilisation thoughts for u! Take care. X

  2. Wow! You had one busy day! I'm sorry you're in pain, but 9 eggs. That's pretty darn good!! I will be praying for you and those little babies.

    I'm so glad everything with your family worked out. God is good! God bless!!!

  3. Hey Hannah,
    The above comment is from me. I was working on my school blog and forgot to log out and re-log in!! Sorry for any confusion!! :)

  4. So glad to hear things went well - how encouraging that they got so many eggs! Excited to hear how the fertilization goes. Hope you are feeling better and the pain starts to subside.
    Also glad that everything with your family is going well - I am sure not having that stress hang over your head will be beneficial.
    Praying for you!!

  5. 9 is AWESOME!! Sorry to hear you had such a hard time :(
    Amen to Romans 8:31
    I am glad everything went well in court. I am praying for you and your family :)

  6. Very thoughtfull post on positive thinking. It should be very much helpfull.

    Karim - Positive thinking