Sunday, September 20, 2009

Embryo report #2

Well I got a call about an hour ago and...................................................
She said- that "5" of the 6 Embryos are Grading at a *5*, and that THEY LOOKED VERY GOOD:) She did Fail to even mention however the "6th Embryo" and how it was doing... she was about to get off the phone with me... so I Asked her. I just think that is Retarded that I had to- Ask her- what about the other one??

Anyway She said- that it is Grading at a "3" and that there is a few fragments in it. SO not the Worst...But not the Best either from what I can tell.

I'm sure many clinics grade embryos different (1-5 with 1 being the best or worst, or A-d,e EX).. But I think I remember in our Embryo class that a Grade 1 was the worst... and a grade 5 or 6 was the Best. Not sure how high they grade them though. HA!

We are Happy once again with today's report. And are Praying for ALL of Our little embryos:)
Especially the grade 3 embryo. I Know that it's unlikely.. But in My heart I wish for them all to be healthy and Make it:) I just can't help But feel that way!!!

Well tomorrow is the Big Transfer DAY!!! YAY!!! I'm pretty sure that we'll get a call sometime that morning before we get there.. updating us on our Embryo's and such. But as of Right Now things look really good.. and we have a scheduled Transfer for 1pm tomorrow. Super Exciting!!!

Please continue to pray for our family and our 6 little embryo's:)

Thank you all for being so good to me.. you have No Idea how much it means to me!!!



  1. Congrats!! This all SUPER EXCITING!!! Praying for your embryos as well, to grow, grow, grow!:) Best wishes with your transfer tomorrow also. Hope it all goes smoothly and that you feel great afterwards.

  2. Thats great news about embryos. Will be thinking of you during your transfer. Not long now untill your BFP hopefully!!! Keeping everything crossed for u
    nic x

  3. Well I have been there and I hope that it works for you for all you have been through to get at this point... I know from our clinic that one was the best I had a 8:1 meaning mine split to 8 cells and was a 1 with no fragments and was the best embryo to use and thats probably my son Colton... They also put in a 8:2 that day so don't know for sure which one grew to a 5 yr old... Good luck and can't wait to find out in 2 weeks... Best of luck

  4. Sounds like things are moving in the right direction. Keeping you in my prayers as you move one step closer to your transfer (WOOHOO).


  5. Great update :)
    I am praying for you and your Embryo's :)

  6. Yea for the great update. I hope your transfer goes well!


  7. Here from ICLW. That sounds like a great embryo report to me! I hope little 3 makes it too! (of course by now you already know that...) I hope your transfer went very well. I'll be thinking of you!!