Friday, September 11, 2009

2nd Follie Check

Hello all I hope you are doing well. Yesterday I had my 2nd follie scan this cycle done. I was happy because Randy/My husband was home from work so he got to go with me:) It went really quick thankfully the clinic wasn't to Busy.

The Lady doing my ultra sound said- that my Lining Looked Pretty. And I think she said it's measuring at 9 or 10 now.

My 2 largest follies are measuring at 10. 1 on the left and 1 on the right measuring at 1o. ALL The rest were not far behind measuring at 9. SO it wasn't bad.

My 1st follie scan... "which was only 2 days before the last one I had" they were all measuring at 7. SO they have been growing which is good.

My Instructions are to keep doing what I have been doing. 2 Bravelle in the Am & 2 Menopur at Pm. And My next Follie Check is Sat./ Tomorrow Morning @ 9am. And Hopefully We'll see some more Growth again. I do have to say that... YES I am a little sceptical IF I will keep seeing Follie Growth Because of my Past 2 canceled IVF cycles. (DUE to me not responding enough to the Meds.) It would not shock me to come in for a follie Check, and see hardly nothing change. Because it has happened that way several times during those 2 past Cycles.

WE are hopeful that everything will continue to look good though. WE hope for the best IN FACT:) We just have to Put this in Gods hands 1st, and 2nd Comfort and Love each other when each of us needs it. 3rd just keep moving Forward and continue to do our part in this process. I believe that these are the best things we can do for ourselves concerning our situation.
And yes through it all... We know that God does have a Plan for us. And that gives me HOPE:)

Now I know I may seem to all you bloggers out there that I'm "miss Positive" most of the time. WELL I have to inform you that I'm not. I CAN and DO get SO UPSET, Frustrated, and Angry Sometimes. A few days ago was one of "those days". I had got SO UPSET.. That in that moment I got Angry At GOD.. And Stated that- HE DOES NOT CARE!!! I knew better Even as the Horrible words flew out my mouth. I felt convicted over it Immediately. I was SO VERY WRONG and I know it with all my heart. I don't want to get into details of what made me get to that Point. I haven't got that bad in quite a long time. My POINT IS THAT.. I'm am Not Perfect and that God Loves me anyway. And HE is a Loving and Forgiving God. And GUESS WHAT?? HE UNDERSTANDS the way I felt at that moment more than Anyone Else. Today I just feel at
Peace.. I have a since of Peace in my heart and have a feeling that YES Everything WILL BE OK!!! No it won't always be easy and YES sometimes it will be SO Hard. BUT He's here with me through it all. He is my "Heavenly Father" and I feel His Abundant LOVE for me so strong.

Please continue to pray for us. I'm praying for all you out there. I want happiness for Every one of you!!

Have a Great weekend!!!



  1. I am still praying for you and REALLY hope this is finally your month for IVF. And you really do seem to have a positive outlook most of the time but of course are only human to have those other feelings. And with everything you are going through who could even blame you. You deserve to be angry every once in awhile.

  2. another great report..yipee! i hope your scan goes amazing tomorrow. this is YOUR cycle!

  3. I get hurt and angry and upset at things sometimes, too (like when I had my miscarriages) and God DOES understand. I'm so glad to hear you're peaceful.

  4. Grow Grow Grow. Praying for you! We all get upset at times....but thank God he forgives!

  5. I am pleased ur follie checks are going well. Hope they keep up the good work and continue to grow!! Take care x