Thursday, September 24, 2009

OH!! the Torture..

Going Crazy in 2WW Pictures, Images and Photos
AS you know I am now in the 2ww. And now I'm feeling it... All these- WHAT IFS??? good and bad.. Flooding my mind. I guess this is Normal. But it doesn't make it Any Easier. I really don't know what to Expect.. Because I've never been in the 2ww after IVF.

I've Also already been thinking about whether or not I will TEST before my Beta.
The Answer is- I don't know for sure.

On one hand- I would like to know Before hand..if it didn't work. That way I don't get my hopes up waiting for a phone call with someone telling me I'm not pregnant. I know myself... And I would deal with it Better KNOWING before hand if it didn't work.

BUT on the other hand- YES it'll be HARD EITHER WAY!!! And sometimes Test are wrong... False/Positives of False/negatives. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!

I'm not crazy I promise I've just got WAY to much time to

If I do Test before hand I will not be Posting about it Until I get my Beta Results. Just a heads up. Its just a personal thing. I guess everyone deals with things differently.

But I well "tell all" sometime after my Beta NO WORRIES;)

I'm no good at this waiting thing. I need God to help me, so that I don't drive my self insane with worry. I need to have a little more Faith!!! I need to Remember that God is still in Control and has a Plan for me.. and He Loves Me!!

Lord Please help me during this difficult time.
In Jesus Name I ask and Pray.

Praying for you all as well.


Praying for Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good News...

Today.. I was anxiously awaiting the phone call to tell me- IF ANY of Our Embryo's made it to Blast. I was almost making myself sick waiting for that phone call. I just needed to "Know" one way or the other. I don't like waiting. (who does Right??LOL)

Anyway like my Title of this POST says.. Its *GOOD NEWS*... 3 of our Embryo's made it to BLAST!!! YAY!!! The Embryologist wanted to "Confirm" IF we wanted to Freeze them or not. Of Course My Answer was- YES!!!:) She said- that they all were Good Looking Blast. SO that of course made me Very Happy.

I also feel good Because- out of the 6 Embryo's that Fertilized Right after our Retrieval.. All of them made it... But one. The Best "2" were transferred on Monday/3 day Transfer, and 2 days later "3".. of the 4 that were left made it to BLAST. My guess is- that the one embryo that was grading a little lower was the one that didn't make it. A little sad... But It wasn't meant to be.

This Gives me MUCH HOPE that the 2 they Transferred are Thriving as well:)

SO this news today gave me MUCH RELIEF!!! Now I don't have to wait and wonder... I have 2 little ones in my tummy.. Hopefully growing and getting ready to Implant:) And 3 little Snow babies. NOW I can sleep a little easier.

The Progesterone makes me sleepy...ALLOT. So I've definitely been sleeping more than normal.. I'll start the Patches tomorrow.. so that will be something new for me.

The shots are going great... Last night I hardly felt the needle AT ALL. I guess moms nursing skills are coming in handy;)

Have a great night.

Please keep us in your prayers during this time.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Sorry that this Pic is a little Crooked. I took it in the Car on our way home after our Transfer. I was attempting to take a Pic of one that they had given

We Transferred 2 Beautiful..Grade 4... 8 Cell Embryo's:) WE are just so Happy Right Now!!! It is a "Huge Deal" that we FINALLY Got this Far, After Going through "2" Back to Back Cancelled IVF Cycles.

If you are new to my blog.. We got Canceled Both times due to me not Responding enough to the Meds and only having 1 or 2 large follies each time at the end. And you need more Big Follies than that to do an IVF Retrieval of course.

BUT the Great thing is..That We didn't Give up!!!! We kept trying... And it Finally Paid off. WE Now know what Combo Of MEDs. that will work for me. And I also have to say- that I'm also VERY Thankful that there is such a thing as "ICSI". Because with out a Miracle or ICSI, My husbands sperm could NOT Penetrate My Eggs. Just something to think about.

My husband leaves for work again offshore tonight:( I'll Miss him for sure.. Especially during this 2ww. But at the same time I'm SO Glad it worked out that he was home for my Retrieval and the Transfer. And The Transfer Was SUCH a Great Experience. I know I've said it before BUT it Really did go GREAT!!!

SO Now I wait... sigh. And I'm still on moderate Bed Rest. NO worries though... I can Read.. Nap.. Watch TV or movies.. Play Games on the Wii.(nothing that requires standing of course.. just games that I can use a controller while sitting)... and of course I can blog.. of just surf the

And its also good that I live right Across from my mom.. And She's a RN, So she can give me those Lovely Progesterone Shots that I Love..haha Just joking I'm sure NO ONE LOVES THEM!!

I've had more Side Effects from Progesterone than any other of the meds I have took. But all in all I'm doing Great. I hope you all have a Great Week. Please continue to Pray for our little Embies to Grow.. Stick.. and be Healthy of course:)


Monday, September 21, 2009

Transfer DAY:) & Happy ICLW

Just wanted to write a quick post to update you all a bit. My Transfer went GREAT!!!

My Dr. said- it couldn't have went any Better, and that the 2 Embryos that they transferred were Beautiful. He also stated that- They looked so good that they could be in a Magazine.ha! He's too sweet.. I love my Dr:)

Basically before he left he said- this cycle has went "perfect" and we've done all we can do. And now its not up to us.. now we wait.

"AHHH... the dreaded 2ww!!!"

WE all of course want this to work *This Time*. But if it doesn't.. the next step of course would be to do it again. And one good thing like my Dr. said is that we now know that we can make really good embryos.. So that's definitely a Plus:)

As far as my other Embryo's go.. David/Guy that works with Embryos...Said they would let us know how they are doing in a few days, and if any of them make it to Blast. And of course we'll freeze any that make it.

Well I'm gonna get off of here and take it Easy.. I will Post some Pics of my 2 Little Embryo's tomorrow:)


Ps. Happy ICLW to you all!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Embryo report #2

Well I got a call about an hour ago and...................................................
She said- that "5" of the 6 Embryos are Grading at a *5*, and that THEY LOOKED VERY GOOD:) She did Fail to even mention however the "6th Embryo" and how it was doing... she was about to get off the phone with me... so I Asked her. I just think that is Retarded that I had to- Ask her- what about the other one??

Anyway She said- that it is Grading at a "3" and that there is a few fragments in it. SO not the Worst...But not the Best either from what I can tell.

I'm sure many clinics grade embryos different (1-5 with 1 being the best or worst, or A-d,e EX).. But I think I remember in our Embryo class that a Grade 1 was the worst... and a grade 5 or 6 was the Best. Not sure how high they grade them though. HA!

We are Happy once again with today's report. And are Praying for ALL of Our little embryos:)
Especially the grade 3 embryo. I Know that it's unlikely.. But in My heart I wish for them all to be healthy and Make it:) I just can't help But feel that way!!!

Well tomorrow is the Big Transfer DAY!!! YAY!!! I'm pretty sure that we'll get a call sometime that morning before we get there.. updating us on our Embryo's and such. But as of Right Now things look really good.. and we have a scheduled Transfer for 1pm tomorrow. Super Exciting!!!

Please continue to pray for our family and our 6 little embryo's:)

Thank you all for being so good to me.. you have No Idea how much it means to me!!!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Progesterone Shot #2

I am very happy to report that I just received my 2nd Progesterone Shot!!! My husband did it with no help. And he did a Great job!!!:) I feel so much relief now. Yes I was nervous... and YES I do feel a difference in the Bigger needle going in. SO far the meds being pushed in hasn't hurt. And so far I've found that it does really help me to massage the shot area afterwards. It helps it to not knot up as much under my skin. So that is all good!!!

I feel like we've conquered something New Feels good:) Its still scary But we did it and it went great!!!

Just had to share this with you. It was a big deal to us!!! And I'm super proud of my Hubby!!!

Now we're gonna play some Mario-Kart on our Wii. That thing is so Much fun!!! We just bought the Wii a few days ago and we love it!!! It is as much fun as everyone says it is. I think I might buy that Wii Fitness thing.. Every one seems to say good things about it.

have a good night, Love y'all!!


The Report is IN....

Hello all, I just got a phone call from the Embryologist. And Out of the 8 Eggs that they did ICSI with. WE have *6* that have Fertilized:) YAY!!! WE are very Happy to hear this!!!

Its hard to wrap our heads around that... as of "RIGHT NOW" we have *6 little Myhre Babies* Growing and trying to survive!!! (And YES we do believe that conception starts... when the Egg and the Sperm meet & Fertilize)

We know that this is still early in the process & that lots of things can happen in just a few days. But we're keeping the Faith and putting our trust in GOD. And that's the Best thing anyone can do:) NO matter what the out come maybe... even if some or all of our little babies don't make it. They well still be our babies. And we will miss them.

We Love them All.. already.

Our Transfer is Scheduled for- Monday at 1:00pm. YAY!!! I still almost can't believe we are here right now... after what we have gone through in the past. The BEST advise I can give anyone going through something hard- is to Put your trust in God & Never Give Up!!! I'm not saying its Easy all the time.. But it truly is the Best thing you can do. And it truly helps the Most!!!

The Progesterone Injection did not go well... I was SO mad at my Hubby last night.. he wigged out on me when he saw the LONG Needle then finally when he did stick me.. I flinched because it hurt and felt like he was sticking me in the Lower Back.. Not my hip... He pulled it out. I was bleeding... then he had almost no self confidence about it. And my mama was "not home". (she's a RN)SO I had to call her up. I didn't want too because she was out with a Guy. I didn't want to bother her.. And yes she has recently started dating again:) We are all happy for her!!! She is living her life and moving forward!!! SO after a BIG CRAZY NIGHT with me yelling like a mad woman at my husband about tons of things. My dear sweet mama came in at 11pm and gave me my SHOT!!! She tried to show him where to give it to me and wanted him to do it. BUT he insisted he wanted to watch her do it the 1st time. I can understand this BUT I was so MAD.. Because I needed him to be there for me. I needed that shot!!! And he was causing me stress I didn't need. If you can understand that.

All is well this morning we are over that. I do understand WHY he was Nervous.. But at the same time felt that he should have been prepared to do this for me last night. After all I'm afraid of needles.. and its no good when the person giving you the shot don't have much confidence in them selves about it at that moment. LOL

He'll do good I'm sure. I have a little round band-aid over the shot from last night. SO he can use that as a example to Gage where to stick me from that:) WE CAN DO IT!!!

Thank you all for your Prayers!!!! Please continue to pray for our little Babies to Grow and be healthy. And for us while were in this waiting process.

Love y'all!!!
Have a Great week end!!!


Ps. almost forgot. I am feeling Much better this morning there is hardly no Pain at all. I haven't even need to take my pain meds today!!! Praise God for that!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

An Eventful day...

Today I woke up at 2am to start getting ready. We left the house about 4am and was on our way. We Signed in at 5:30am and then everything went fairly smooth. The Nurse didn't hurt me too bad when she started the IV:) Later on they told me they were going to give me something to RELAX ME. And then pursued to wheel me off to the surgery Room. When there they of course made me move over to the operating table/bed. When that was done... ALL I can remember is Screaming from a Horrible PAIN that just shot through my hand. LOL It was the Anesthesia BUT I don't remember her warning me. And I just wasn't expecting that. I have had anesthesia Twice before, and that has never happened to me. LOL Anyway I lived and don't remember what happened after that.

Upon wakening... I remember feeling irritated. Maybe at the nurse for waking me from such at deep sleep?? Who Knows?? The very next feeling was PAIN!!! I was NOT Expecting that at all, maybe a little soreness BUT NOT BAD PAIN!!! I felt like I had to pee and she informed me that I shouldn't have to go.. because they had put a catheter and the had just drained "how ever much". She said that the catheter makes people feel like that. BUT I still wound up trying to pee twice before I left.. with not much luck.

On to the pain issue I told her more than once that I was hurting. she said to drink something and then if I was still hurting that I could take something for the pain. When my husband came back to see me.... I had.. had ENOUGH of the PAIN I was ready to through my Cup of Ice on the floor towards the Nurses so they would Pay Attention and help me!!!LOL Anyway I asked my Husband to please tell her I need something for the pain. HE did and she came and told me that I could take a Tylenol 3. I then made sure I asked for some crackers because if I didn't eat something first I would have been in even more pain from throwing up. IT took FOR EVER for the medication to work. But when it did I finally had some Relief.

I didn't see my Dr. after my retrieval BUT my Husband did and he said that they retrieved about 12 or 13 eggs. But only 9 were Bigger. THAT IS GREAT though because we reached our limit of 8 eggs:) And and the Dr. said that the smaller ones could grow some more over night. BUT Regardless of what ever happens we still have a LIMIT of fertilizing only 8 eggs with ICSI of course. I'll get to know something more tomorrow. I hope my eggies are Fertilizing and then will develop into healthy Embryo's. I know that all different kinds of things can happen in a few days with them, BUT we're praying that all goes well. And just having Faith that everything will work out the way God plans it too. I'll inform ya'll more tomorrow when I know something more.

NOW.. my day was far from OVER on our way home I get a call from my mama telling me that I need to come to the "court house" Because I needed to be there today and she didn't know it before. I was feeling sore, but much better so I came. And I would have came anyway in Fact because this was IMPORTANT. Remember My Daddy died in a horrible Accident off the Coast on Nigeria Africa last yr?? Well we finally have finished dealing with his company. I was not dressed to go to court. I was wearing comfortable cute exercise BUT my presence was needed. I even had to be sworn in & got questioned in the witness stand.HA! The lawyer and the judge could tell I was in allot of Pain I think... so after everything was over and the Judge Approved Everything. I had to sign Papers.. SO he let me sign them first, and said I could go. That was very nice of him. I AM JUST SO Glad that all this is over with dealing with that company. This has been going on for almost a yr now. Which is normal considering what happened. But now we all can move on from that because its DONE. OVER WITH!! Yay!!! I'm mostly happy for my mama because she doesn't need to have to deal with that anymore. And Everything is great concerning how this turned out in the end. We would take my Daddy back in a second if we could, But we can't. It amazing... we were always taken care of while my daddy was alive. And now even in the event of his death my Family is taken care. That's the way he would've wanted it. I just know it, that was what was MOST Important to him.... His Family. But most of ALL.... "God has always looks out for my family and taken care of us. And He GETS ALL THE CREDIT!!! HONOR and PRAISE!!!"

Just wanted to leave ya'll with I scripture that I've always Loved... that I seen on a church sign this morning on my way to the clinic.

What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?
Romans 8:31

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Retrieval" here I COME:)

Finally... WE are about to get do a IVF Retrieval. After 2 canceled IVF cycles. I triggered tonight at 8:30 pm. And I've got to come in tomorrow for Blood work to see if the Ovidrel Shot worked. Hopefully all will look good with my blood work. I do of course have 1 more Ovidrel shot IF they say I need it. Its like a back up shot for- JUST IN CASE.

We are thrilled of course to Finally be able to move forward, and take one more step in our IVF Journey. And I am also happy that we now know what combo of Meds I need to take to get me to respond. SO that way if we need to do this again in the future. We'll know what works and what doesn't. But hopefully we won't need to:)

My family members that know about our doing IVF are also Thrilled and very excited and hoping for the best. Their a Great support symptom.. I feel very Blessed to have them in my life.

I'm actually not too nervous right now. I'm trying to remain calm and take one day at a time. I have no control over how this will turn out, God is in control and I have to trust in Him through it all.. the Good and the Bad. And just have Faith. We know that he Loves us and has a wonderful Plan for us. I'm praying that He gives us comfort through out this whole process. Because I KNOW that we'll need it!!!

Well Ladies I'm gonna turn in for tonight... Its late and I have had to get up early every day this week to go the clinic, and gotta do all over again BOTH tomorrow and Friday morning.

Have a blessed day


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update- 4th & 5th Follie checks

My 4 th follie check was yesterday. I wanted to Post and update y'all, but my Internet was messing up and acting weird so I finally gave it up. In Fact it's trying to mess up now... So I'll have to be Quick. BOTH Follie Checks went VERY GOOD!!! And I am now going in Every day for a follie check.. They need to monitor me very closely. I have plenty of good size follies on the Right Ovary some are measuring at 15, 16, 17, 19 and On my left I have 1 larger 1 measuring at 20. BUT that's it as far as the left side Goes.. the next biggest on on the left is only at 12 or 13 I think. Regardless I should have plenty. I don't need or want too many!!! My Nurse called and said that we are probably looking at doing a Retrieval this Friday or Saturday!! YAY!!

I let y'all know how it goes tomorrow!!!

Have a Great DAy!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

3rd Follie Check

This morning I got up very early before day light to start getting ready for my appt. When we got there it was not busy at all, Everything went super fast:) I was surprised again to see my Dr. walk in with a nurse Right before my Scan. AND we looked at my Lining.. and He said it looked Beautiful. Then He asked her to look at my Ovaries.. and we all could see that yes My Follies were Growing!!! He then tells Me that-I have just made his day:) And that we well definitely get to Retrieval this time!!! YAY!!! My Largest follies are measuring at 12 & 13 and they all seem to be growing steadily. SO My Largest Follies were Measuring at 9 & 10 two days ago. SO they are indeed growing this time. My Dr. also told me that I'm respond WAY BETTER than I ever have with my Blood work.

My Instructions are to keep doing 2 Bravelle and 2 Menopur every day. And add in a Cetrotide 25mg Shot tomorrow night. And then do Another one Monday morning and Come in for my 4th follie scan at 10am.

We're excited.. things are looking much better than before. Keep praying for us.. I know all to well that things can still go wrong at any moment. But Were hoping that everything goes perfect:) And asking God to help us along the way!!! We need it!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

2nd Follie Check

Hello all I hope you are doing well. Yesterday I had my 2nd follie scan this cycle done. I was happy because Randy/My husband was home from work so he got to go with me:) It went really quick thankfully the clinic wasn't to Busy.

The Lady doing my ultra sound said- that my Lining Looked Pretty. And I think she said it's measuring at 9 or 10 now.

My 2 largest follies are measuring at 10. 1 on the left and 1 on the right measuring at 1o. ALL The rest were not far behind measuring at 9. SO it wasn't bad.

My 1st follie scan... "which was only 2 days before the last one I had" they were all measuring at 7. SO they have been growing which is good.

My Instructions are to keep doing what I have been doing. 2 Bravelle in the Am & 2 Menopur at Pm. And My next Follie Check is Sat./ Tomorrow Morning @ 9am. And Hopefully We'll see some more Growth again. I do have to say that... YES I am a little sceptical IF I will keep seeing Follie Growth Because of my Past 2 canceled IVF cycles. (DUE to me not responding enough to the Meds.) It would not shock me to come in for a follie Check, and see hardly nothing change. Because it has happened that way several times during those 2 past Cycles.

WE are hopeful that everything will continue to look good though. WE hope for the best IN FACT:) We just have to Put this in Gods hands 1st, and 2nd Comfort and Love each other when each of us needs it. 3rd just keep moving Forward and continue to do our part in this process. I believe that these are the best things we can do for ourselves concerning our situation.
And yes through it all... We know that God does have a Plan for us. And that gives me HOPE:)

Now I know I may seem to all you bloggers out there that I'm "miss Positive" most of the time. WELL I have to inform you that I'm not. I CAN and DO get SO UPSET, Frustrated, and Angry Sometimes. A few days ago was one of "those days". I had got SO UPSET.. That in that moment I got Angry At GOD.. And Stated that- HE DOES NOT CARE!!! I knew better Even as the Horrible words flew out my mouth. I felt convicted over it Immediately. I was SO VERY WRONG and I know it with all my heart. I don't want to get into details of what made me get to that Point. I haven't got that bad in quite a long time. My POINT IS THAT.. I'm am Not Perfect and that God Loves me anyway. And HE is a Loving and Forgiving God. And GUESS WHAT?? HE UNDERSTANDS the way I felt at that moment more than Anyone Else. Today I just feel at
Peace.. I have a since of Peace in my heart and have a feeling that YES Everything WILL BE OK!!! No it won't always be easy and YES sometimes it will be SO Hard. BUT He's here with me through it all. He is my "Heavenly Father" and I feel His Abundant LOVE for me so strong.

Please continue to pray for us. I'm praying for all you out there. I want happiness for Every one of you!!

Have a Great weekend!!!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st follie check

SO today I went to the clinic for my- 1st follie check "this cycle". Everything went pretty good. My lining is thickening up.. Its measuring at 8 now. I of course have lots of follies. My Largest ones on both left and right ovaries are measuring at 7 right now. and I think they are about 5 of them that are measuring at 7.

Anyway... My Insturtions are to take- 2 Menopur tonight

Tomorrow- 2 Bravelle @ Am & 2 Menopur @ PM

Thursday- 2 Bravelle @ Am Then come in for a 2nd follie scan at 9:45am

So that's about it for now I guess. I'm gonna to try to relax tonight, curl up in my very comfy bed and read a book. Oh and I'm super Excited that my Hubby is coming home from work tomorrow from off shore. He's excited and ready to come home too of course;) Absence does make the heart grow fonder!!!

Have a great week!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

2nd Baseline..

IVF Pictures, Images and Photos
Today was my 2nd Baseline Appt. And my Clinic was Packed out due to a 3 day week end. Its "Labor day" this Monday, Hence the 3 day Anyway Everything went good. They stole more blood from me, and shortly afterward we did the ultra sound scan. My Lining was nice and thin, it was measuring at 3. And I have Lots of little Follies as WE just need them to kick into Gear and Grow ALLOT MORE this time!!!

I got a call form my nurse about an hour ago with my instructions.

They are to take 2 vials of Bravelle, and 2 Vials of Menopur TONIGHT.

And then SAT.-MON. I'm to do 2 vials of Bravelle in the AM & 2 vials of Menopur at PM

Tuesday I'm to do 1 vial of Bravelle and then come in For Follie Check #1

SO I get to start simming TONIGHT!!! YAY!!! COME ON FOLLIES YOU CAN DO IT!!! I KNOW YOU CAN!!!
Grow Follies Grow Pictures, Images and Photos

Please keep us in your prayers this cycle.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!
IVF baby Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, September 3, 2009

2 1/2 yrs

Unfortunately We Have hit another "Half yr mark" with TTC. We've now Officially been trying for 2 1/2 years. Am I the only one out there who REALLY NOTICES those half a yr and yr MARKS while TTC?? I don't know, But I doubt that I am the only one. lol

Its like realization.. We have been trying this long with no results.. And the past is the past, we can not get it back. And at the same time you wish things could have worked out differently. But we are still going strong and NOT Going to give up!!!

Allot of feelings are all tied into these TTC marks of how long we've been trying. And that's normal I guess. I decided to post my TTC time line ticker. Since it seems fitting and all.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our New Plan...

Praying for an IVF Miracle Pictures, Images and Photos

Hello all, I've had a pretty good day today spending time with my mama, and lil bro. (He's 9 yrs old and a mess) We all love him to death!!! he just so cute:)

Anyway this afternoon I got an unexpected phone call from my IVF Nurse. She said that they had just got out of a meeting about me, and my IVF cycle. She wanted to know HOW MUCH "Menopur" I Have Because this time they're gonna start me off doing the Bravelle and Menopur in the beginning. The PAST 2 Canceled IVF's we did just the Bravelle for a while then added in the Menopur.

So she just wanted to know how much Menopur I have because She knows that I run out of meds allot. She called me in another Box/5 vials. I hope it'll be enough.. who knows??lol

I'm just Glad that their gonna try something a little different this time:) I hope it makes a difference... and I actually respond enough this time around!!! And hopefully we'll have a successful IVF and get our 1st ever BFP:) Gotta have hope Right. We're Just Praying and trusting in God that everything will be ok either way this cycle works out.

My next appt. is Friday. I can't wait to get this ball rolling again. I am still waiting for AF to arrive. In my past IVF cycles after I took my last birth control Pill it took me 3 to 4 days to start. Nerve wracking..sigh. I guess when doing IVF you just want everything to line up perfectly the way it It worked out Good the past 2 times with my lining and AF. BUT I guess I still worry a little... at least until they tell me everything looks

One more week and my Hubby will come home from work/offshore/oil rig. I miss him and can not wait for him to come home. And give me my shots!LOL seriously I like that I'm able now to trust him with sticking me needles. He's gotten very good at it. You know one thing that I can say about going through IVF is that my husband and I have grown even closer during the process. So its been a good thing in a way. Were learning how to face some of the hardest things together. And are here to lift each other up and encourage each other along the way. And have Faith that Everything will work out the way it is meant to, in Gods Perfect timing:) (NOT that it isn't hard at times)

Well I'll update yall on Friday... Please Pray that everything goes perfect!!!