Thursday, August 27, 2009

Update on us... it's almost time for IVF attempt #3

Can you believe its time for us to start this whole thing up again?! This Monday I'll go in for my Baseline appt. My meds arrived yesterday, and that is good. those of you who regularly read this Blog know that I have/still have major problems with the Pharmacy we use most of the time...UGH!!!

I am hoping that I don't run out of meds this time..BUT you never know with me.. I tend to run out of meds a few times each cycle so far. I just hope that isn't the case this time. I can honestly say THAT has got me more stressed than anything else concerning doing IVF so

OK... Now I have some *NEWS* for you all....

WE have OFFICIALLY Decided that we want to ADOPT!!! We have been doing allot of talking, thinking, and Praying. And Our Hearts are completely open to Adoption!!! We want to start the adoption process sometime in 2010!!! So EVEN if we do get pregnant sometime in the near future..WE STILL want to start the adoption process sometime in 2010 before 2011. YES.. I/WE are Very Serious!!!

We BOTH Feel very strongly about this.

And like I have said a few other times... We Will Love our adoptive Children.. just as much as biological ones. WE BOTH have NEVER been against adoption. In Fact even before we we're married we both said that we would like to adopt one day.

Either way.. whether we have BOTH Adoptive & Biological Children.. Or just Adopted Children
WE'RE HAPPY with either. GOD has a Plan for our family. And His Plan is the BEST!!! We're Putting our trust in him to help us along the way:)

WE have started a New BLOG to document...OUR ADOPTION JOURNEY!!!

IT's Called- ~*The Myhre Family*~
Our Journey to Adoption

here's a link if your Interested

If you're wondering How Long we will continue fertility treatments.. My answer is Most likely NO Longer than Next Summer. I mean this March we will have been ttc for 3yrs. I know that the First 2 yrs almost didn't count as trying for US Because we Have Some serious Male Factor issues and our Best chance at conceiving is A Miracle Or IVF with ICSI. WE Just started treatment for the 1st time ever in May 2009.. And did back to back IVF's which both got canceled.. Then I scheduled another IVF Back to back after the 2nd IVF got cancelled.. Which is where we are now about to start our 3rd Attempt At IVF/ICSI. SO in fact so FAR we've only been doing fertility treatments for 4 months.. not that long.. BUT I have my limits and will only take this SO FAR. And then LET GO of all treatments and not look back When we feel we have gave it our all. And Even if We are not able to get pregnant while doing treatments and choose to stop treatments. We will not be giving up on having children. We'll Still have children either way and know that it is GOD'S WILL either way it works out:) And we'll be Truly Happy with God's Will.. He knows what is BEST!!!

I want to leave you with my favorite Scripture

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. well 1st praise the Lord for giving you a heart for adoption! I can say ( from little expirience :) That its an amazing journey and we feel so blessed to be adopting !

    and we of course will continue praying for you and your upcoming IVF procedure!

    God has HIS big amazing plans in store for you girl!!! How exciting to follow your blog and watch them unfold!

  2. Good luck for this IVF. I really hope this works for you so you can have a biological and adoptive child. It is great that you guys are open to adoption.
    Good luck with everything!!

  3. I ♥ your positive outlook on things!
    I wish you the BEST of luck with IVF this time. Also in your journey towards Adoption.

  4. This is so exciting...cycling and thinking about starting the adoption process!! I have always wanted to adopt even if we had our children, too. Hope this cycle end with a BFP!!!!

  5. That's my favorite scripture too! Best of luck with both the IVF and the adoption process!


  6. Good luck on your upcoming IVF and your adoption journey! So much good news coming your way!!


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  8. Good luck to you and I am glad that you are at peace with your decisions on adoption!! I hope that everything works out!!!

  9. good luck with this cycle! and congrats on making such a huge, amazing decision. i hope your adoption process has a less bumpy road than your ivf one!