Monday, August 31, 2009

1st Baseline

This morning I woke up early and got ready to head to the Clinic. All Went well.. NO CYST!! Yea!! I just got a call from my nurse she said that everything looked good,and to go ahead and take a "Cetrotide 3mg Shot" tomorrow. My 2nd Baseline is this Friday. And if all looks good then... I should start stimming that night.

I know this process very well I guess, since I did do 2 back to back IVF's. I saw my DR. standing in the hall way at the clinic today. And He said/stated- that we were gonna do it this time. And I said- I hope so:) Then he said- I'm Just Astounded that your Ovaries are SO STUBBORN.

LOL I do understand that... I mean they have pumped me with meds Every time we attempt IVF. I really DO have stubborn ovaries. And its even more odd that I am this young(just turned 22 in July) and my ovaries are so stubborn. My body just wants to be complicated I guess. Hopefully All Goes Perfect this time. I don't know what the out come will be one way or the other. I'm just gonna try to stay as positive as I can. And try NOT to Turn into A crazy "mad woman" when I have Mood swings this go around. MY POUR FAMILY!!! is all I can say.. I've chewed a few of them out for no good reason... during the IVF process. Crazy things can make me mad or sad when I'm taking these meds. It makes me feel bad!!! I'm gonna try to control myself more this time though. We'll see how that works At least my family does understand though.

Well.. I'll update ya'll about my appt. on Friday:)
have a great week!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Update on us... it's almost time for IVF attempt #3

Can you believe its time for us to start this whole thing up again?! This Monday I'll go in for my Baseline appt. My meds arrived yesterday, and that is good. those of you who regularly read this Blog know that I have/still have major problems with the Pharmacy we use most of the time...UGH!!!

I am hoping that I don't run out of meds this time..BUT you never know with me.. I tend to run out of meds a few times each cycle so far. I just hope that isn't the case this time. I can honestly say THAT has got me more stressed than anything else concerning doing IVF so

OK... Now I have some *NEWS* for you all....

WE have OFFICIALLY Decided that we want to ADOPT!!! We have been doing allot of talking, thinking, and Praying. And Our Hearts are completely open to Adoption!!! We want to start the adoption process sometime in 2010!!! So EVEN if we do get pregnant sometime in the near future..WE STILL want to start the adoption process sometime in 2010 before 2011. YES.. I/WE are Very Serious!!!

We BOTH Feel very strongly about this.

And like I have said a few other times... We Will Love our adoptive Children.. just as much as biological ones. WE BOTH have NEVER been against adoption. In Fact even before we we're married we both said that we would like to adopt one day.

Either way.. whether we have BOTH Adoptive & Biological Children.. Or just Adopted Children
WE'RE HAPPY with either. GOD has a Plan for our family. And His Plan is the BEST!!! We're Putting our trust in him to help us along the way:)

WE have started a New BLOG to document...OUR ADOPTION JOURNEY!!!

IT's Called- ~*The Myhre Family*~
Our Journey to Adoption

here's a link if your Interested

If you're wondering How Long we will continue fertility treatments.. My answer is Most likely NO Longer than Next Summer. I mean this March we will have been ttc for 3yrs. I know that the First 2 yrs almost didn't count as trying for US Because we Have Some serious Male Factor issues and our Best chance at conceiving is A Miracle Or IVF with ICSI. WE Just started treatment for the 1st time ever in May 2009.. And did back to back IVF's which both got canceled.. Then I scheduled another IVF Back to back after the 2nd IVF got cancelled.. Which is where we are now about to start our 3rd Attempt At IVF/ICSI. SO in fact so FAR we've only been doing fertility treatments for 4 months.. not that long.. BUT I have my limits and will only take this SO FAR. And then LET GO of all treatments and not look back When we feel we have gave it our all. And Even if We are not able to get pregnant while doing treatments and choose to stop treatments. We will not be giving up on having children. We'll Still have children either way and know that it is GOD'S WILL either way it works out:) And we'll be Truly Happy with God's Will.. He knows what is BEST!!!

I want to leave you with my favorite Scripture

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3rd IVF/ICSI "Attempt"

Hello all hope you are doing well. As for me I'm doing pretty good considering all that I've been AF showed up Yesterday... That was not a surprise.. Because like I have explained before.. We are not really candidates for IUI. WE NEED IVF with ICSI or quite simply.. a Miracle!!!

I called my IVF Nurse.. And said- I wanted to Cancel my pregnancy test on Thursday... Yep I didn't make it to my beta test last time either after the IUI. BUT I rather have it that way if I'm not pregnant. I don't want someone calling me, and telling me I'm not pregnant you know?? it's just easier that way for me:) Maybe the progesterone suppositories just don't work well for me?? Who Knows?? Well at least I know I'll be doing the Progesterone SHOTS when I do actually make it to IVF retrieval and transfer one day...SIGH.

Well... just like I told y'all before... I did schedule another IVF/ICSI..ASAP!!! My retrieval is scheduled for the week of September 14th. This will be our 3rd "Attempt" at IVF.... SO for we have been "canceled twice" due to me not responding enough to the meds... and not having enough mature follies... ALL I NEED IS 4 mature follies for my DR. to do a retrieval... I'm not asking for much... just 4 to 8 Mature Follies... Oh I make lotz of follies always.. thanks to "PCOS" BUT most of the time they never mature. Thank you messed up HEY.. you got to laugh about it sometimes.. just to keep going AT LEAST.

I don't know what to expect this time around with IVF and all. Will I finally respond enough?? I just don't have the answers and never will. IF I think logically... it seems that YES eventually they'll get my meds right and I'll respond. BUT what if for some crazy reason I don't ever respond enough??? HOW many times am I willing to "ATTEMPT IVF" and then possibly get canceled from not responding??? Well My answer Right now is 6 to 7 times all together... Right now I'm at my 3rd attempt... SO that gives them plenty of time to figure this out.

Now.... "When and If" I DO respond to the meds... I'll do 3 IVF or Frozen transfers.. depending on whether or not I have any to embryos to freeze... seeing how My body so far just don't want to make alot of mature follies. BUT.. We'd do more than 3 frozen transfers depending on if we had any left.. YES we would continue to come back until all were used and got a chance at life. THATS WHY we have a limit of working with only 6 to 8 embryos. And the fact that we're totally against discarding embryos unless their NOT GROWING/DEAD... that's plainly put enough I guess.

My pour husband.... I have good days and bad days. ANd the bad days are not pretty. OH!!! but I can be really mean and have such bad mood swings. I HATE THAT!!! It just makes me feel worse..ugh!! He's wonderful with dealing with all this most of the time though. In fact yesterday He told me that YES he agreed that 6 attempts of IVF would be allot...BUT he'd keep trying as long as I wanted. AND he also said that if for some reason that is not Gods plan for us to have biological children.. That was Fine too... He Said that He Can Love an adoptive Child as his own and no less than a biological one.. and that he thinks we both would be great and Loving adoptive parents. I for one can count myself blessed that I have a husband so accepting of adoption because I've seen allot of cases where the wife felt she could BUT the husband didn't want too or wasn't sure. HE is such a GOOD MAN I TELL YOU!!! I'm SO in LOVE:) SO we both are fine with adoption if we do decided to adopt one day. I have no doubt that we could Love an adoptive child as our own. The only thing that scares me is the PROCESS OF ADOPTION!!! But if you know me well enough by now... you know that I won't give up on something if its my dream;)

YES... I have been doing lots of thinking about the future and decisions... Sorry for the INFO over

I hope you are all doing well... I've seen a few more BFP's:) so huge congrats to all of those out there!!! I'm truly happy for you!!!