Friday, July 3, 2009


Sorry I have been MIA so long. I unintentionally took a break from blogging... I really didn't have much to write about concerning TTC/IVF, and my husband had just came home and I really just needed Him at the time. I did check in from time to time though.. SO even though I haven't POSTED in a while I have been reading your Posts and praying for you all:)

WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING.... Well.. Spending lots of time with my husband and family. Stayed at a cabin for a while off of a Big Lake... With My Favorite Aunt and Unkle And their 4 To some people that would be torture BUT I LOVE THEM ALL!!! Although I'm not that close to anyone else except for my Hubby, Mama, Sister, and my Aunt and her family.

WE all had fun at the Lake... I got SUN BURNT pretty Then later on my skin was peeling like crazy from the sun burn.. It looked like I had A skin disiase and it itched SO BAD!LOL I also did a good bit of Tubbing/inter-tube on the lake While I was there... YA I so wouldn't be able to do that if I was I got beat to death while doing that and also Got fliped and hit the water pretty hard... I seen a snake in the water while we were fishing in our boat one day.. IT FREEAKED me out!! I SO HATE SNAKES!!! WE also did alot of swimimg in a beach like area of the lake... they also Have a small water park there so we took the kids there one day and did that too:) SO we enjoyed ourselves but we all was really tired when we went

I went shopping with my mom one day this week.... that was FUN!!! I haven't did that in a while And now I have several really Cute outfits to wear:) I guess at least I can still look good since.... I am infertile and that makes me feel like crap... OK I'll stop my Crazy

Well as far as this IVF Cycle goes... I only have 3 more BCP's to take. My 1st Baseline Appt. is suppose to be on Monday. SO hopefully all goes well with that:) I got all My MEDS in Except for the progesterone.. I didn't order it yet because it expires really quick... SO That's Where I'm standing with all of this.

My hubby is at work again... I wish he could be here with me through every part of the IVF process BUT he just can't and that's the way it is.. I will I'm trying to have a good attitude through this whole thing BUT it does get hard sometimes.. and I'm NOT a Perfect Person!!! SO sometimes I get upset...frustrated... disappointed.. and angry. But I don't want to let these feeling ruin my life when they do come.. I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY and keep going and not let things/situations RUIN my LIFE!!!

I will "Not Give Up" I'll keep moving forward in my Life:)

I hope you are all doing well...
Thinking about all of you...



  1. Pleased you are back. Sounds like you had a great time at the lake! Its good to look on the bright side and try to enjoy not being pregnant (which is so amazingly hard!). Def do not give up. Hope keeps us going.
    Good luck for monday, hope all goes well this cycle
    Nic x

  2. Remember love, a lot of us have been where you are and a LOT of us have succeeded! You will too!! Sometimes you have to jump through hoops to get to the prize. I will be praying for this cycle to go really well. It took me two IVF's. Now your doctor knows what meds to add/subtract. Good luck sweetie! Enjoy the time with your hubby!


  3. Sounds like you had lots of fun on your vacation. I love spending time doing fun things with people I love. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Hope this cycle goes smoothly for you. Good luck!

  4. so glad to hear you had such a great time! Where did yall head to just out of curiosity?

  5. How exciting that you're almost done with your bcp! Good luck on the next round of meds!

  6. Glad you have had some rest and a break from IF! GL with your IVF cycle!

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