Friday, July 10, 2009

July cycle- 2nd Baseline....

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Today I woke up early to get ready for my 2nd Baseline. I was very happy this morning when I found that AF had finally (Ya I know so weird that when your doing IVF you want Af to show up at certain times)

When I got to the Clinic everything went pretty quick... They stole some more blood from and then shortly after that.. I was called back for my ultra sound... And everything looked good.. My lining was nice and thin.. and my ovaries looked good too.. I think my 2 largest follies was at 4 & 5... Small but I haven't started stimming YET..

I got a call around 1:30pm from my nurse and my instructions are to take 2 vials of Bravelle every night.. "tonight-Monday night" . And My 1st follie check is schedule for Tuesday!! I'm really hoping I see a difference in my follies in where I was last time..Compared to this time:)
Last time I started off with only 1 vial of Bravelle a day. So this time I'm starting off with double what I did last time.

Me and my hubby are praying allot and hoping that this cycle is it for us:)
I'm hoping that with this cycle I'm less stressed than last time.. Only God can help me with that though.. I seem to to worry about everything and stress way too much at times... and like my hubby says- its not good for me and its not good for when we're trying to get pregnant either.
I plan on trying to do my best with Gods help of course... and to have Faith and keep a good attitude through everything no matter what:)



  1. Grow follies grow!

    I am so excited for you (smile)

  2. I know this cycle is it for you! Thank you for your sweet comment today! :) :) :)

  3. Wishing you all the best for your scan on Tue! come on follies!!