Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July cycle- 1st Baseline

Yesterday was my 1st Baseline.. I waited in the waiting area much longer than what I normally do most of the time. I later found out it was because they were very Busy because their 4th of July... 3 day week end.

Good News.. NO Cysts!!! Whoo hoo!!

My lining is pretty thick... But the nurse said it should be Fine... Because I took my last BCP yesterday and should start my period soon... And when I do start... My Lining should thin out:)

On the way home from my baseline I got a call from a Nurse tell me that my Dr. said to GO ahead and take my Cetrotide 3mg shot. (one time Injection) My mama gave me the shot as soon as we got home. And it Burnt really bad just like last time...lol At least this time I was expecting it...HA!

*Cetrotide*- this drug prevents premature ovulation

A little more INFO...
My Dr. has kept me on the Same Protocol as last time- *Cetrotide Protocol*
This time with more Meds... Last IVF Cycle my Dr. called me in 15 vials of Bravelle/FSH to start off with.. it was NOT Enough I Ran out Several TIMES.
This time I have 35 vials of Bravelle... SO Hopefully I won't run out this time:)
He'll up my doses of bravelle this time because he found out from my last cycle that My Ovaries are "Stubborn"..lol

Just want to End this Post with saying that Me and my Husband are BOTH Very Excited about starting this IVF cycle... And our hopes are high that this will work. God is with us through whatever we go through on our Journey and he will help us along our way:)


  1. Good luck with your cycle!! You sound very positive.

  2. come on ivf #2!! its great they ordered you more meds, you dont need to deal with caremark again.

    good luck, girly!

  3. Best wishes with your cycle, girlie!! I'm praying for you and your hubby.

  4. Yay, Hannah! I'm so excited for you guys:)

  5. Good luck Hannah! I am following you on your journey and wish the best for you!

  6. Good luck fo rthis cycle. Pleased you are so excited and positive. Here is to a BFP!!

  7. It is so hard to wait, but God's timing is always perfect!

  8. Good luck! Stay positive and take it one step at a time.

  9. So exciting!! Congratulations. You're in my prayers.

  10. Hannah thanks for joining my blog!! we are really close in this cycle,I am glad you feel so positive, you should be, it's a new cycle, a new hope and your age is definitely on your side! I'll keep an eye on you and all my ten fingers crossed! Love, Fran

  11. Good luck this cycle hope it works out for you two!