Thursday, July 23, 2009

4th Follie Check...

ARE you Ready to hear? Well, my appointment was this morning at 9:00am. And of course those Vampires took some more blood from After that I went back to the waiting area to wait until they called me back for my Ultra Sound. We waited for about 40 minutes. Man they were busy today. I've only waited that long 1 other time. Ok.. moving on from that. They called me back.. and...................

The Nurse said- I have 1 follie that is at 15... and at 11... at 9... at 8... Ex.

She said- My lining looked really good

And She said- I did have some growth going on... BUT we'd have to wait until my blood work came back before they know for sure What we were going to do. (remember last time I went in my Estrogen was way too low)

Before I left the clinic I got a nurse to call me in a BUNCH of "Bravelle" because IF my Dr. wanted to keep trying... I would run out of meds. Tomorrow. SO I would need to order them today or I wouldn't have any.

She asked me how much Bravelle I wanted?

I said- my dose is 4 1/2 vials right now... and that's almost a box a day. And then I let her know that I wanted "Plenty" even if it was More Than Enough... I much rather have WAY too MUCH.. than too

I know I sound crazy BUT hey... its no Fun running out of MEDS.. I Promise!!!

Ok.. so I know your wondering what they said when they called today.... My Dr. Says that He wants me to continue to do 4 1/2 vials a day of Bravelle, that My blood work Looked GREAT!! And that I am Responding now. My Estrogen is rising.. and something else is too.. I don't remember exactly it is.. I just know it has to do with my blood work.. And to be honest I don't ever have a clue about that.. I just know that they said it was good! OH ya.. and I actually get to add in a New Injection every day. 1 Cetrotide .25mg shot every morning!!! WOW.. I'm actually moving a step forward in this process compared to last time:)

I'm Hoping that that everything continues to go well, and that I will keep responding to these meds. I'm not greedy.. all I ask is for.. Enough Mature Follies to have a Retrieval.. All I need is 4. I would like a few more than that.. but HEY I'm ok with 4. I had a set limit of only using 6 last time anyway. So you see my point.

Anyway, all hope for this cycle is not lost YET:) And that is great to know... I really hope that it does work out Perfectly.. but if it doesn't... I'm still going to jump right back into IVF I'm not playing around am I?? I just know what I want.. and I'm willing to do what it takes to get it:)
And if that means trying again.. so be it. It will never happen if I give up.

Oh and I got my meds ordered.YAY!!! and they'll get here tomorrow.. 30 more vials of Bravelle.

My next Follie Check is this Saturday at 8 am. OH and after that I'm headed strait for the Coast.. My Lil Sis.. is getting married that night on the beach, and I happen to be her maid of Honor & my hubby is a grooms man too. The drive isn't that long though from the Clinic.. at most 1 1/2 hours. SO I'll be busy this week end. AND "white".. because I'm not suppose to get into the tanning bed.."just Great".. I don't want to think about

You know it'll be nice when my life slows down at bit. My family has been so busy lately with one thing or another.

Praying for my follies to Grow.. and thinking about you all!!!


Grow Follies Grow!!!! You Can DO IT!!!!!


  1. grow follicles grow! Im with you that its better to have too much than not enough!

    Hoepe the wedding goes great this weekend!

  2. Yay!!! I am so pleased there is some growth! Keep it up follies!!
    Have a great weekend, enjoy the wedding, hope all goes well!!

  3. I started following your journey before your last round - and praying that this one is much more successful. Like you said - at least you are moving forward!!!

  4. Grow follies grow!!! Sending you lots of positive thoughts for your scan tomorrow morning!! Love, Fran


  5. Great news, I hope they continue to grow!

  6. Have a great time at the wedding, and best wishes with the cycle!


  7. Great news. Sending you best wishes!

    Stopping by for an ICLW visit...
    No. 95: The Unfair Struggle (male-factor infertility, good friends, neighborhood rumblings)

  8. alright follicles! grow, grow, grow!

    have fun tonight!! i looove weddings. :) never been to a beach one, im sure itll be gorgeous!

  9. Good luck with this cycle! I hope those follies continue to grow!


  10. Happy ICLW!

    Cheering for your follies! Hoping they keep growing. Have fun at your sister's wedding. Sending you lots of love!

  11. Chanting - Grow Follie Grow! Good Luck to you!


  12. Best wishes for a successful cycle! Those follies sound like they are doing well! Happy ICLW!

  13. i really hope it wrks out for ya both,i know wats it like wating it wud wreck ur head so bst wishes i'll say a little wel a big pray for ya both and ur follies...