Friday, July 17, 2009

1st & 2nd Follie check...

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Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been very busy lately. I turned 22 yrs old on July 15th. It was a really good day, my husband came home from work that day.. so I was Happy about that:) But I was a little upset that I am another year older, and have still Never been pregnant or had a baby.. I know I'm young.. so No comments on my AGE please. The good part I guess of me being so young is.. knowing that me and my husband both have fertility problems... And knowing what to do about them. It would have been even worse for me if we had waited to start trying.. and then I would have been older when I started the whole process of TTC and then even later with finding out our problems. SO I guess theres my bright

Ok ladies.. here's my Update on my Follie Checks....

1st Follie Check- (Monday) My lining looked good.. and my largest follies was at 7..

Dr. k upped my dose of Bravelle to 2 1/2 vials

2nd Follie Check- (Today/Friday) My lining looked good again and its getting a little thicker...and my largest follies were 10.

My nurse said that I am responding this time to the meds. and that so far things look good.

Dr. k upped my dose of Bravelle to 3 1/2 vials

My next Follie Check is on Monday!!!

I'm hoping and praying that everything goes perfect this time. I dread the thought of being Canceled again. I am having more side effects this time though... which I think is good because last time the one day I had more side effects from the meds.. that's when I had my biggest follie growth.. And today the side effects have kicked in... I am SO HOT all the time... 1st I thought is was in my head.. but NO its not!!! when your in your house and the AC is set at 69

Also having "Twinges* which is really good for me because that's a sign for me that something is happening inside there. And I'm having a little nausea here and there.. not too bad though. Oh and lets not forget my Mood Swings... These meds tend to make me a little crazy. I also have a bit of a Temper already With Out meds... my Husband doesn't call me a *Fire Cracker* for I'm nice and sweet most of the time, but no one messes with me... I do have a short Fuse if you cross a line. Bet y'all didn't know that about I better just stop talking for tonight. I'm just telling y'all everything. I guess this blog is my one outlet though. SO please bear with me..

Hope you all have a great week end!

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  1. Just hang in there hun you will be pregnant from this cycle before you know it! Don't you just hate the side effects of all the meds but in the end it's worth it but it doesn't mean it's fun to go through.Hope all is well with you ,haven't heard from you lately.((HUGS))

  2. Your follie which is at 10 is great! Bit more growth though please follies!! Sorry about the side effects but good as it means that things are happening.
    Hope this works and you get your baby at the end of this!
    Take care
    Nic x

  3. i hope you had a great bday! i feel the same way about my age, i know im young but i dont care. im just thankful we found out about our problems this young.

    good luck with your next check. twinges sound promising!!

  4. I hope everything works out for you two! I wish we had started when we were younger so that we could already have a baby possibly.