Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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Hope..... It is very hard for me to hope... To have hope that this could work... The odds are not good at all... Although I still can't help but Hope a little... I want a baby so bad.. I'm sure you all can understand this... My emotions are Crazy right now.HA!

I've only had one really bad day... a few days ago I found out someone I know personally in my life is preggo... My reaction to this news took me by surprise.... I didn't take it well.. yes I was happy for them but.... It was like Déjà vu.... I had felt these same horrible feelings before..... BUT honestly it hasn't been this bad in over a year.... I was so upset.... upset that others can get pregnant so easily when they want to, and yet here I am... It's just not fair... And there's nothing I can do about it:( Oh, and my hubby wasn't home... and I also was upset..sad...crazy acting.. n ANGRY... YA some of my family members had to deal with that:( I think I cried for 2 or 3 hours... not good. Like I said before my whole reaction to this surprised me.. because I haven't felt it in a long time... I'm over it now and my family loves me and understands my craziness.ha
What would I do with out them!? I don't want to find out...

SO I don't know if I can bring myself to be able to do a HPT before my Beta... YA.. I haven't took one in over 1 year and a half... I 've never been addicted to POAS.. Because it just upset me too much.. and it felt like I was failing... I don't deal well with disappointment and failure... Not ever good a thing especially when dealing with "Infertility"!!! My hubby did send me a very sweet email that made me feel really good a few days ago... He is way more Positive about this whole IUI thing than me... I wish I could be too...

I just wish I knew something right now... That way if it doesn't work I can go straight into planning/ scheduling our 2nd attempt at our 1st IVF w/ ICSI cycle.... I don't want to wait around if I don't have too... I think it would be best for me to jump right back into things as soon as a can.. that way I will have something new to focus on... and hope far...

Anyone out there who prays... please pray for me and my husband... we need it:) thanks
I'm praying for you all...

Sorry that I'm not in a great mood.. I just want a baby and this whole process is hard...

Hope you all have a blessed day!!!



  1. Hope is the thing that keeps us going, keeps us trying. If we dont have hope we dont have anything so DO NOT give up hope!!
    Really wanting this to happen for you.

    Your reaction was normal, we have all reacted like that at some point. I know I did when I found out my SIL was pregnant. We can be happy for them and still be wishing it was us.

    Nic x

  2. I so know how you feel its so tough. I just found out a good friend of ours was pg as well and it was their 1st month trying its just not fair sometimes to know some have such an easy road.

    Im another one who is not a POAS I cant stand the thought of seeing a BFN. I would rather see AF then a BFN.

    Im praying for yall I so know how you feel on both accounts

  3. It's weird how the emotions come out at any time! Thinking of you!!!

  4. A little hope is all we need. Praying that you get your BFP very soon.

  5. I'm praying for you honey. Always praying for you! Always have faith and YES, hope is really good too!


  6. ((SUPER HUGS)) Praying for you :)

  7. Thinking about you sweetheart:)

  8. Thinking of you with love....Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I just posted the last Disney post....
    Hope you will enjoy it.
    Stop by when you have some time.
    I love all my new blog friends.