Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hello All!!! This is my 2nd ICLW.. yay!! I'll fill all you new comers in about myself.. Sorry for those that already know;) I seen a few people do this "ABC" thing last time so I decided to try it:)
Here Goes..............

A- as in "Apple"... I'm trying to eat one every day.

B- as in "Bravelle"... A (stimulating) Injection I'm taking right now.

C- as in "Cetrotide".... Cetrotide Protocol for IVF

D- as in "Daddy"... I lost my daddy in last October and miss him VERY MUCH!!!

E- as in "EATING".... this is my addiction..HA

F- as in "Faith".... I have faith that God has a plan for me and my husband, and that we will have the children he wants us to have in his timing.

G- as in "God".... He is My heavenly Father and loves me and you more than anyone else ever could:)

H- as in "Hannah".... this is my Name

I- as in "Infertility".... we "me/husband" are Both dealing with this

J- as in "Jesus".... He is my Savior!!!

K- as in "Kitty".... I love and adore Kitty cats:)

L- as in "Life".... I hope that my life gets better.

M- as in "Mama".... I have the best mama ever. She loves me unconditionally, and is one of my biggest supporters. I Hope I'll be as good as a mother my self on day:) Also Like to mention that she is paying for all our IVF stuff. Total so for around..$16,000.

N- as in "Never"... our Family MOTTO is-"NEVER GIVE UP!!"

O- as in "Olive Garden"... so GOOD... but staying away from it right now... I'm losing weight and doing very well at it right now... I'm losing 1 pound almost everyday!!! NO LIE!!!

P- as in "PCOS"... I Have it.

Q- as in "Quite"... sometimes I just need some quite time for myself

R- as in "Randy".... My husband and best friend.... Dealing with "Male Factor"

S- as in "Sanity".... I hope I still have some after dealing with Infertility.

T- as in "TTC"..... TTC for over 2yrs.... TTC via IVF/ICSI )1st cycle

U- as in "Unique".... I feel that everyone one is unique in their own way:)

V- as in "Victory".... Praying for Victory in this battle with Infertility!!!

W- as in "WAITING".... Tired of waiting to become pregnant and have a baby...sigh

X- as in "X Box 360".... Oh yes I made my husband get rid of his because he gets Addicted to it and gets "seriously" Mad/Angry at a Game....

Y- as in "Year".... I hope this year I get a BFP!!!.... I've never got one my self:(

Z- as in "Zebra Print".... is sometimes cute;)

Well that was harder than it looked!! HA!!!
I hope you all have a blessed day!!!



  1. Such a neat little thing, I might have to do that sometime

  2. Happy ICLW! Wishing you luck with the rest of your stims!

  3. Very nice! I hope your stims are going well. Hugs!

  4. I enjoyed reading your post today all about you and the ABC's of your life. Hmmm ~ maybe I should do that just for fun. :) Thanks for the idea.

    My prayers are with you and your hubby today and always. Best wishes for successful stims.

    Hugs and blessings,

  5. Hi Hannah!
    This is my first month with ICLW, and I'm so excited. This was pretty cute. I may have to try it next month. I was drawn to your blog because you had put that you and your husband are experiencing male factor infertility. That's our status too. Nice to meet you and good luck with this cycle!! You'll be in my thoughts!

  6. Welcome to ICLW. It is very addictive.

    Hoping and praying you have success with your first IVF cycle.

  7. ha ! i liked this ! lol.. very funny n good. only one question... what in the world is a BFP, i don't exactly speak this abbreviated language

  8. Loved the ABC's. GL with your cycle and I hope you get a sticky BFP.


  9. I hope your IVF cycle continues to go well -- way to go with those injections!! :)


  10. This was my first time seeing the ABC post and I must say I enjoyed reading it. I couldnt help but laugh about the x-box 360 comment because my husband is also CRAZY about the game and every spare minute he has he is on it. But then again I kinda like it because sometime want some alone time...

  11. Happy ICLW. Wishing you the best for this cycle!! Fingers crossed!

  12. Great intro!

    Best wishes for a BFP!


  13. A very cool way to describe yourself. :-) I might have to look into that next month... although - I'd be stuck on a few letters.

    I'm praying that your retrieval will go well!