Thursday, May 7, 2009

birth control & IVF meds...

Hello all... Yes I have been a major slacker and I haven't posted in weeks. My Excuse- STRESS Plain and simple, I just needed a brake from blogging I guess... But enough about all that I don't want to talk much about it.. I just want to feel some excitement again:)

HERE's where I've been with my birth control a week ago... I meant to post it but I never did..sigh

a belated "1 week of BCP's done" pic.. HA


2 weeks of birth control down today, and only 4 pills to go!!
(See where I made a circle around the last pill that I need to take)


I finally got my meds this week on Tuesday!!! See Below my lovely pic!! lol

oops!! for got the MEDROL.. I just couldn't leave anything out;)

I ordered everything except for the "progesterone in oil" because it expires with in 30 days, so I would only get a few shots of it if I would have ordered it right now... I talked to my nurse and I need to get it ordered closer to my retrieval.. that way it will not expire..

but I'll do what I must...


.Cetrotide 3 mg (one time dose)
.Cetrotide 0.25 mg - I think I have six of those
.Vilvelle - patches

I still need to get the progesterone, and I just realized. That My Dr. hasn't called in my "Valium" for the Transfer. That should be all good though.. I think I can just get the Valium from a near by Wal-Greens:)

Oh... as you can see above no Long Lupron cycle for me:) YAY!!!

I go in for my 1st Baseline Appt. This Monday... I can't believe this is happening so fast!!! Praying that I don't have any cysts on my ovaries, and that everything looks Great:)

My hubby is gone to work again... for 2 weeks... I'll miss him But I don't need him here to give me my shots... I've gave that job to my mom... Although My husband & sister have both begged to at least give me 1 shot!!! I guess I'll let them... HA!!! I'm terrified of them both coming at me with a needle!!lol

Can you believe that this time my husband comes home from work we'll have our Retrieval & Transfer??? I know I can't.. it's crazy how time flys by. Here's the not so good News if all goes well and we are not canceled.. My husband will have to go back to work probably a day or 2 after our transfer.. And he'll be gone for 2 weeks.. So you guessed it... YES!! I'll be with out my husband while I am waiting n worrying if it worked!!! I'll definitely need your prayers and support during that time....

Well Ladies, it's felt really good to start blogging again. Even though I haven't posted I have been praying for you all every day. I'm feeling pretty sleepy now so I guess I better turn in for tonight.

God Bless you all, and thank you all for all your support and for being so good and kind to me. You truly have no idea what it means to me:) I'll start catching up on your blogs tomorrow!!!


  1. I'm thinking of you and praying this works. You deserve it! (((HUGS)))

  2. Keeping you in my prayers. Just always remember to relax and KEEP THE FAITH!!


  3. I had missed you! I like the new layout. Good luck for Monday, hope all is fine on the U/S. I cant believe how quick the time has gone for you, it feels like it is standing still for me. We will keep you coming during the 2ww, dont worry!
    Nic x

  4. Wow, that is a lot of meds! Isn't it funny how we all line them up and take pics! LOL Looks like an advertisement it looks so perfect! LOL Good luck and I hope this is it for you!

  5. Good luck. Looks like you're just a few days behind me. I just got back from my baseline and I'm waiting to hear back on the bloodwork, but all should be good. I'll be waiting to hear how you do on Monday. Praying for you!!!

  6. i'm finally following you!!! yay!!! now i jus got to figure out this whole blogging thing and what i'll be blogging about! who knows??? but i know i love you! and i am so excited about all that has happened and is happening in your life!!! i'm so thank to have you as a sister! and you are so dear to me ! you know i'm praying for you! and i'm missin you always! see you soon sis!

  7. Yeah 0 we are on the same path minus a few days...I start my shots on sunday night so you are just a little behind me! YEAH FOR US!!!

  8. in response to you comment, i respect that ! lol and i love you ! hope things do work out for me !

  9. I'm excited for you cycle sister. Glad that you got your meds, that seemed like a drawn out process. Hope it goes better when you order your PIO.
    Good luck on Monday!

  10. That's great that you have so many people that want to give you shots, lol. Lucky girl! I'm glad to see you back in the blogging world. It seems like this is all happening really fast with your IVF. That's great. So sorry that DH will not be around much during the cycle. At least if you have any nasty emotional side effects he won't have to bear the brunt of it, lol.

    I'm so excited for you!

  11. Good luck!!! Sounds like things are going very quickly. Good luck at baseline!

  12. good luck with everything this cycle! Just curious what part of MS you are from its good to see another one from here!