Monday, May 11, 2009

Baseline Ultra sound...

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This morning I got up very early to get ready for my appt. Since my appt. was an early one n we had to drive for 2 hrs to get there. When I got there everything went really fast as usual which is good. The ultra sound tech said... that I didn't have any cyst..YAY!!! let me say it again YAY!!! HA

She also told me something that might help me not to freak out as much later on in this process. She told me that Most people with PCOS eggs mature slower, so don't freak out, and that all though they take their time getting bigger when they do get bigger.. it happens very fast at the end.. So that's good to know I guess.. Who knows how I'll responded to the drugs though.. I'm doing Ivf, and I've never took any fertility meds ever before in the past.. So everything is new to me..

Its like me and my husband had to skip, just meds, and IUI because it would never work for us, and would be a waste of time and money.

After we left I was anxious of course to get the phone call from the clinic... I waited most of the day with no call.. So then I decided that I would give my nurse a call and leave a message.. It never Anyway she called me about 30 min. later and told me... to take a one time dose of "Cetrotide 3mg" injection tomorrow and to take my birth control today then stop. I asked her what time do I need to take the injection.. she said.. It doesn't matter just take it when you wake up in the morning. So thats good.

Well tomorrow will be my first Shot... I'm a little nervous but also excited to get this ball rolling:)
Hope you all had a great day!!! Praying for all of you!!!



  1. Hannah,

    That is awesome news. I am so glad there are no cysts and that part is clear. I am praying for you. Keep us updated :)


  2. Wow, this is sounding exciting! I can't wait until you get your bfp! I am going to follow you the whole way!

  3. Yeh sweetie - I am soo excited for you!!!

  4. You can do it honey! It may sting but remember, it's all worth it!


  5. What great news about not having a cyst..yeah!

    To answer your question-we live in Brandon (suburb of Jackson). Also curious what office you are using wondering if we have the same doctor or not:)

  6. Awesome news about no cysts!! And I think you're lucky that you know early on that clomid and IUIs won't work for you. We wasted a lot of time and money before finding out that IVF was really our only true shot. Good luck. I'll be thinking about you.

  7. YEAH!! I am excited that there is no cyst and you are getting started on this journey!! YIPPPEEE!!!! How did your shot go?

  8. Hi there - I've been trying to get a little time to come over and read your blog since you found mine. :-) Here I am!! I'm wondering how much we have in common because some of the things you said sound really familiar with my fertility stuff.

  9. Pleased the scan was good. Good luck for your first shot, it will be fine! Is so exciting that this is a starting! It has come around quickly! Good luck x

  10. yay for no cysts and good luck with the first injection. it gets a little easier each day..remember that!

  11. Im happy to hear there are no more cyst! :) Now you just have to take one day at a time and try to be patient. I hope you get your BIG POSITIVE really soon...really, really soon!Good Luck with everything