Sunday, May 31, 2009

4th follie check......

please help me god Pictures, Images and Photos
Yesterday was my "4th" Follie Check... it wasn't very encouraging...SIGH...
A different Nurse did the ultra sound... She is the Nurse that told me before about having PCOS & difficult stimulating with IVF Before I ever started stemming...

Well she said my lining looked good... But on one ovary didn't look like much growth if any... and the other had 2 larger ones compared to the MANY others BUT they're not big enough either obviously.... she didn't say how big they were either... I could have asked- but you know I just didn't feel like it....

She also confirmed what I thought.... That People with PCOS almost "always" have lots of Follies But are Hard to stimulate and sometimes its a balancing act about finding the right drug and dose for each person...sigh

Also they have to be VERY VERY careful about upping the dose of the MEDS because people with PCOS can hyper simulate Very easily TOO... and will get cancelled anyway... SO all in all a delicate Balancing act....

Well.. I got a phone call from a nurse some time after my apt. The Dr wants to Push me till Tuesday.... And Stay on the same dose of meds. 3 vials of Bravelle once a day every morning..
Please pray for me and my husband. I want this to work out and still Hope that it does. But at the same time Preparing my self for that very Dreaded Word...CANCELLED :( I feel that I have to be realistic with myself. It will help me deal with it if we have to start all over again..
I just need God to help me though this.... This is hard an me.. I can't lie.. if what I fear "DOES Happen" I will most likely grieve for what could/might have been... Even though deep in my heart I'll know it wasn't Gods will yet for it to happen....

So My next apt is on Tuesday... Oh.. and my hubby has to leave for work that night too... Great!
what if that bad news comes and he's not gonna be here with me while I deal with it... Gone for 2 weeks off shore on an oil rig...

Well I don't Have much else to say... Sorry I'm not in a great mood... I just can't seem to help it:(
BUT... Still praying for you all NO matter WHAT!!!




  1. Oh sweetie, I am def. praying for you and your husband!!

  2. I am so sorry that the scan was so dissapointing. I hope that your follies get their backside in gear. Remember you will not be on your own when your hubby goes, we are all here for you
    Nic x

  3. Hang in there, hun. We're all praying for you.

  4. Oh, Hannah. I'm holding out hope that this cycle is still going to happen:) I have faith.

  5. Hannah...I am thinking about you and hoping that Tuesday's appointment gives you some good news. Try to keep your head up. I completely understand the pessimism, that is how I felt about everything. It is so hard to go through this.

  6. Oh honey, I will be praying so hard that they don't cancel your cycle! God is with you, give all your worries to Him!!


  7. Definitely thinking and praying for you. I'm sooooo sorry about your struggles sweetie. :(

  8. Praying that they don't cancel your cycle. I have been thinking about you and keeping an eye on everything that you are going through. Hang in there and keep the FAITH!!


  9. I'm praying for you as well... this is hard - and I feel your pain. It's scary, but it is so true that you have to let yourself mourn the loss each month that it doesn't happen. You go into the treatments with so much hope and you have to grieve the loss of that when it doesn't happen. Just hang on to God and he'll get us all through this... what a blog party it will be when the time is right. :-)

  10. I hope this works out for you! I am praying and wishing good things for you!

  11. Wishing you good luck! Hoping all goes well! Hang in there.

  12. Praying for you that things work out. God has a perfect plan even though sometimes its hard to deal with and I know he has a perfect plan for yall:)

  13. We are praying for you hun!!

  14. Praying that good things come! It is very scary, but will be worth it when you get your BFP! You are right though, you have to protect yourself!